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Southerton C, 2021, Sydney businesses targeted in COVID-19 safety blitz after 'complacency' sets in

Watson A; Clark M; Southerton C; Lupton D, 2021, Fieldwork at your fingertips: creative methods for social research under lockdown,

Southerton C; Clark M, 2021, 10am brunch, 1pm Kmart: when the media pokes fun at someone’s lifestyle, it’s harder for the next person to get COVID tested,

Lupton D; Watson A; Southerton C; Clark M, 2020, From scary pumpkins to bridal bling, how masks are becoming a normal part of our lives in Australia,

Southerton C, 2020, Queensland’s coronavirus controversy: past pandemics show us public shaming could harm public health,

Rasmussen ML; Aggleton P; Southerton C; Marshall D; Cover R; Newman C, 2018, "It was just nice to see they existed”. The importance of having LGBTQ teachers who are ‘out’ at school.,

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