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Southerton C, 2021, 'Research Perspectives on TikTok & Its Legacy Apps| Lip-Syncing and Saving Lives: Healthcare Workers on TikTok', International Journal of Communication, vol. 15,

Lupton D; Southerton C, 2021, 'The thing-power of the Facebook assemblage: Why do users stay on the platform?', Journal of Sociology,

Rasmussen ML; Southerton C; Fela G; Marshall D; Cover R; Aggleton P, 2020, 'Playing Recognition Politics: Queer Theoretical Reflections on Lesbian, Gay, and Queer Youth Social Policy in Australia in the 1980s and 1990s', Archives of Sexual Behavior, vol. 49, pp. 2341 - 2352,

Southerton C; Taylor E, 2020, 'Habitual Disclosure: Routine, Affordance, and the Ethics of Young Peoples Social Media Data Surveillance', Social Media and Society, vol. 6, pp. 205630512091561 - 205630512091561,

Southerton C; Marshall D; Aggleton P; Rasmussen ML; Cover R, 2020, 'Restricted modes: Social media, content classification and LGBTQ sexual citizenship', New Media & Society, pp. 146144482090436 - 146144482090436,

McCann H; Southerton C, 2019, 'Repetitions of desire queering the one direction fangirl', Girlhood Studies, vol. 12, pp. 49 - 65,

Southerton C, 2018, 'Sociology and the New Materialism: Theory, Research, Action', Journal OF Sociology, vol. 54, pp. 156 - 158,

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