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Keam SP; Sobala A; Humphreys DT; Suter CM; Hutvagner G, 2014, 'Computational analysis, biochemical purification, and detection of tRNA-derived small RNA fragments', in Methods in Molecular Biology, pp. 157 - 167,

Beilharz TH; Humphreys D; Preiss T, 2010, 'miRNA Effects on mRNA closed-loop formation during translation initiation', in Rhoads RE (ed.), miRNA Regulation of the Translational Machinery, Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 99 - 112,

Humphreys DT; Westman BJ; Martin DIK; Preiss T, 2007, 'Inhibition of translation initiation by a microRNA', in MicroRNAs: From Basic Science to Disease Biology, pp. 85 - 101,

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