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Niezgodzki I; Knorr G; Lohmann G; Lunt DJ; Poulsen CJ; Steinig S; Zhu J; de Boer A; Chan WL; Donnadieu Y; Hutchinson DK; Ladant JB; Morozova P, 2022, 'Simulation of Arctic sea ice within the DeepMIP Eocene ensemble: Thresholds, seasonality and factors controlling sea ice development', Global and Planetary Change, vol. 214,

Reichgelt T; Greenwood DR; Steinig S; Conran JG; Hutchinson DK; Lunt DJ; Scriven LJ; Zhu J, 2022, 'Plant Proxy Evidence for High Rainfall and Productivity in the Eocene of Australia', PALEOCEANOGRAPHY AND PALEOCLIMATOLOGY, vol. 37,

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Zhang Y; de Boer AM; Lunt DJ; Hutchinson DK; Ross P; van de Flierdt T; Sexton P; Coxall HK; Steinig S; Ladant JB; Zhu J; Donnadieu Y; Zhang Z; Chan WL; Abe-Ouchi A; Niezgodzki I; Lohmann G; Knorr G; Poulsen CJ; Huber M, 2022, 'Early Eocene Ocean Meridional Overturning Circulation: The Roles of Atmospheric Forcing and Strait Geometry', Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, vol. 37,

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Lunt DJ; Bragg F; Chan WL; Hutchinson DK; Ladant JB; Morozova P; Niezgodzki I; Steinig S; Zhang Z; Zhu J; Abe-Ouchi A; Anagnostou E; De Boer AM; Coxall HK; Donnadieu Y; Foster G; Inglis GN; Knorr G; Langebroek PM; Lear CH; Lohmann G; Poulsen CJ; Sepulchre P; Tierney JE; Valdes PJ; Volodin EM; Dunkley Jones T; Hollis CJ; Huber M; Otto-Bliesner BL, 2021, 'DeepMIP: Model intercomparison of early Eocene climatic optimum (EECO) large-scale climate features and comparison with proxy data', Climate of the Past, vol. 17, pp. 203 - 227,

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Hutchinson DK; Coxall HK; OʹRegan M; Nilsson J; Caballero R; de Boer AM, 2019, 'Arctic closure as a trigger for Atlantic overturning at the Eocene-Oligocene Transition', Nature Communications, vol. 10, pp. 3797,

Rainsley E; Turney CSM; Golledge NR; Wilmshurst JM; McGlone MS; Hogg AG; Li B; Thomas ZA; Roberts R; Jones RT; Palmer J; Flett V; de Wet G; Hutchinson DK; Lipson MJ; Fenwick P; Hines BR; Binetti U; Fogwill CJ, 2019, 'Pleistocene glacial history of the New Zealand subantarctic islands', Climate of the Past, vol. 15, pp. 423 - 448,

de Boer AM; Gavilan Pascual-Ahuir E; Stevens DP; Chafik L; Hutchinson DK; Zhang Q; Sime LC; Willmott AJ, 2018, 'Interconnectivity Between Volume Transports Through Arctic Straits', Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, vol. 123, pp. 8714 - 8729,

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