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Hutchinson D; Meissner K; Menviel L, 2024, Developing the coupled climate model ACCESS-ESM1.5 for the early Eocene, ,

Santra A; Capitanio FA; Dommenget D; Goswami B; Farnsworth A; Hutchinson DK; Arblaster JM; Lunt DJ; Steinig S, 2024, Did monsoon govern the Asian rainy season in the early Eocene? An ensemble paleoclimate simulation perspective., ,

Dommenget D; Hutchinson D, 2024, El Niño Southern Oscillation and Tropical Basin Interaction in Idealized Worlds, ,

Kelemen FD; Steinig S; de Boer A; Zhu J; Chan W-L; Niezgodzki I; Hutchinson DK; Knorr G; Abe-Ouchi A; Ahrens B, 2023, Meridional Heat Transport in the DeepMIP Eocene ensemble: non-CO2 and CO2 effects, ,

Sliwinska KK; Hutchinson DK; Varma D; Weitkamp T; Sheldon E; Liebrand D; Coxall HK; de Boer AM; Schouten S, 2023, Sea surface temperature evolution of the North Atlantic Ocean across the Eocene-Oligocene Transition, ,

De Boer A; Hutchinson D; Roquet F; Sime L; Burls N, 2022, The impact of Southern Ocean bathymetry on the ocean circulation and the overlying atmosphere, ,

Śliwińska KK; Coxall HK; Hutchinson DK; Liebrand D; Schouten S; de Boer AM, 2022, Supplementary material to "Sea surface temperature evolution of the North Atlantic Ocean across the Eocene-Oligocene Transition", ,

Hutchinson DK; Coxall HK; Lunt DJ; Steinthorsdottir M; de Boer AM; Baatsen M; von der Heydt A; Huber M; Kennedy-Asser AT; Kunzmann L; Ladant J-B; Lear CH; Moraweck K; Pearson PN; Piga E; Pound MJ; Salzmann U; Scher HD; Sijp WP; Śliwińska KK; Wilson PA; Zhang Z, 2020, Supplementary material to "The Eocene-Oligocene transition: a review of marine and terrestrial proxy data, models and model-data comparisons", ,

Hutchinson D; Coxall H; O'Regan M; Nilsson J; Caballero R; de Boer A, 2020, Arctic closure as a trigger for Atlantic overturning at the Eocene-Oligocene Transition, ,

De Boer A; Gavilan Pascual-Ahuir E; Stevens D; Chafik L; Hutchinson D; Zhang Q; Sime L; Willmott A, 2020, On the inter-connectivity of volume transports through Arctic Straits, ,

Lunt DJ; Bragg F; Chan W-L; Hutchinson DK; Ladant J-B; Niezgodzki I; Steinig S; Zhang Z; Zhu J; Abe-Ouchi A; de Boer AM; Coxall HK; Donnadieu Y; Knorr G; Langebroek PM; Lohmann G; Poulsen CJ; Sepulchre P; Tierney J; Valdes PJ; Dunkley Jones T; Hollis CJ; Huber M; Otto-Bliesner BL, 2020, Supplementary material to "DeepMIP: Model intercomparison of early Eocene climatic optimum (EECO) large-scale climate features and comparison with proxy data", ,

Hutchinson D, 2018, Response to Reviewer 1 (Casimir de Lavergne), ,

Hutchinson D, 2018, Response to Reviewer 2, ,

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