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Hammad A; Akbar Nezhad A; Rey D, 2018, 'Accounting for Embodied Carbon Emissions in Planning and Optimisation of Transport Operations During Construction', in Pomponi F; De Wolf C; Moncaster A (ed.), Embodied Carbon in Buildings : Measurement, Management, and Mitigation, Springer, pp. 301 - 321,

Hammad A; Akbar Nezhad A; Rey D, 2017, 'Estimation of Input Parameters Used in Site Layout Planning Through Integration of BIM and Project Schedules', in Peng W; Haijiang L; Xiangyu W (ed.), Integrated Building Information Modelling, Bentham Science Publishers (ebooks), Sharjah UAE, pp. 121 - 157,

Hammad A; Akbar Nezhad A; Rey D, 2016, 'Accounting for Noise Pollution in Planning of Smart Cities', in Smart Cities as a Solution for Reducing Urban Waste and Pollution, IGI Global, pp. 149 - 196,

Journal articles

Chakraborty S; Rey D; Levin MW; Waller ST, 2021, 'Freeway network design with exclusive lanes for automated vehicles under endogenous mobility demand', Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, vol. 133,

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