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Dias FHC; Rey D, 2022, Aircraft Conflict Resolution with Trajectory Recovery Using Mixed-Integer Programming, ,

Xi H; Aussel D; Liu W; Waller ST; Rey D, 2021, Single-leader multi-follower games for the regulation of two-sided Mobility-as-a-Service markets, ,

Dias FHC; Rey D, 2020, Robust aircraft conflict resolution under trajectory prediction uncertainty, ,

Lilasathapornkit T; Rey D; Liu W; Saberi M, 2020, Traffic Assignment Problem for Footpath Networks with Bidirectional Links, ,

Dong X; Chow JY; Waller ST; Rey D, 2020, A chance-constrained dial-a-ride problem with utility-maximizing demand and multiple pricing structures, ,

Xi H; Liu W; Rey D; Waller ST; Kilby P, 2020, Incentive-compatible mechanisms for online resource allocation in mobility-as-a-service systems, ,

Rey D; Levin MW; Dixit VV, 2020, Online Incentive-Compatible Mechanisms for Traffic Intersection Auctions, ,

Dias FHC; Rahme S; Rey D, 2020, A two-stage algorithm for aircraft conflict resolution with trajectory recovery, ,

Chakraborty S; Rey D; Levin MW; Waller ST, 2019, Freeway network design with exclusive lanes for automated vehicles under endogenous mobility demand, ,

Dias FHC; Hijazi H; Rey D, 2019, Disjunctive linear separation conditions and mixed-integer formulations for aircraft conflict resolution, ,

Najmi A; Rey D; Rashidi TH; Waller ST, 2019, Integrating Travel Demand and Network Modelling: a Myth or Future of Transport Modelling, ,

Luan M; Waller T; Rey D, A Non-Additive Path-Based Reward Credit Scheme for Traffic Congestion Management, ,

Dixit V; Rey D; Waller TS; Levin M, Quantum Computing to Solve Scenario-Based Stochastic Time-Dependent Shortest Path Routing, ,

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