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Wanigasekara C; Oromiehie E; Swain A; Prusty BG; Nguang SK, 2021, 'Machine learning-based inverse predictive model for AFP based thermoplastic composites', Journal of Industrial Information Integration, vol. 22,

Shamsuddoha M; David M; Oromiehie E; Prusty BG, 2021, 'Distributed optical fibre sensor based monitoring of thermoplastic carbon composite cylinders under biaxial loading: Experimental and numerical investigations', Composite Structures, vol. 261,

Arns JY; Oromiehie E; Arns C; Prusty BG, 2021, 'Micro-CT analysis of process-induced defects in composite laminates using AFP', Materials and Manufacturing Processes,

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Oromiehie E; Garbe U; Gangadhara Prusty B, 2020, 'Porosity analysis of carbon fibre-reinforced polymer laminates manufactured using automated fibre placement', Journal of Composite Materials, vol. 54, pp. 1217 - 1231,

Oromiehie E; Prusty BG; Compston P; Rajan G, 2019, 'Automated fibre placement based composite structures: Review on the defects, impacts and inspections techniques', Composite Structures, vol. 224,

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Oromiehie E; Gangadhara Prusty B; Compston P; Rajan G, 2017, 'In-situ simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature in automated fiber placement (AFP) using optical fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors', Advanced Manufacturing: Polymer and Composites Science, vol. 3, pp. 52 - 61,

Oromiehie E; Prusty G; Compston P; Rajan G, 2017, 'Characterization of process-induced defects in automated fiber placement manufacturing of composites using fiber Bragg grating sensors', Structural Health Monitoring, vol. 17, pp. 108 - 117,

Oromiehie E; Rajan G; prusty G, 2016, 'Thermal sensitivity and relaxation of carbon fibre- foam sandwich composites with fibre optic sensors', Journal of sandwich structures and materials, vol. 18, pp. 652 - 664,

Oromiehie E; Prusty G; Compston P; Rajan G, 2016, 'In-situ process monitoring for automated fibre placement using fibre Bragg grating sensors', Journal of structural health monitoring, vol. 15, pp. 706 - 714,

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