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Creative Written Works

Liu E; Judd B; Atkins M, 2022, Most older Australians aren’t in aged care. Policy blind spots mean they live in communities that aren’t age-friendly, The Conversation, Watson J, (ed.),

Liu E, 2018, Lifting the energy efficiency standards of low-cost rentals, City Futures Blog,

Ho C; Liu EY; Easthope H, 2018, Higher density and diversity: apartments are Australia at its most multicultural, The Conversation,

Liu EY; Ho C; Easthope H, 2017, Contested spaces: living next door to Alice (and Anh and Abdullah), The Conversation,

Davison G; Liu EY, 2016, Neighbours’ fears about affordable housing are worse than any impacts, The Conversation, The Conversation,

Liu EY; Easthope H, 2016, Why adult children stay at home: looking beyond the myths of kidults, kippers and gestaters, The Conversation, The Conversation,

Liu EY; Freestone R, 2016, Sense of place: messier than it ever was, so how do we manage this shifting world?, The Conversation, The Conversation,

Liu EY; Judd B, 2016, It’s not easy being green, especially when affordable help is so hard to find, The Conversation,

Liu E; Van den Nouwelant R, 2015, Don’t fear boarding houses: they’re probably not what you think, The Conversation,

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