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Harris P; Liu E, 2023, Planning laws protect people. A poorly regulated rush to boost housing supply will cost us all, ,

Liu E, 2020, Multigenerational living, ,

Liu E; Easthope H; Ho C, 2019, Living with diversity in high-density apartment settings, ,

Liu E; Martin C; Easthope H, 2019, Chilly house? Mouldy rooms? Here’s how to improve low-income renters’ access to decent housing, ,

Liu E; HO C; Rogers D, 2018, Diversity and Cities, ,

Ho C; Liu E; Easthope H, 2018, Higher Density and Diversity: Apartments are Australia at its most multicultural, ,

Liu E; Ho C; Easthope H, 2017, Contested spaces: living next door to Alice (and Anh and Abdullah), ,

Liu E; Easthope H, 2016, Why adult children stay at home: looking beyond the myths of kidults, kippers and gestaters, ,

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