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Gao W; Qian Y; Chen H; Zhong Z; Zhou M; Aminpour F, 2022, 'Assessment of sidewalk walkability: Integrating objective and subjective measures of identical context-based sidewalk features', Sustainable Cities and Society, vol. 87, pp. 104142 - 104142,

Aminpour F, 2022, 'From the child's perspective: How the layout of outdoor school environments shapes conflict between children's self-directed play', Journal of Environmental Psychology, vol. 79, pp. 101727 - 101727,

Aminpour F; Bishop K, 2021, 'Children’s Preferences on the Move: Establishing the Characteristics of Unofficial Paths and their Benefits for Children’s Physical Play in Australian Primary School Grounds', Journal of Environmental Psychology,

Aminpour F, 2021, 'The Physical Characteristics of Children’s Preferred Natural Settings in Primary School Grounds', Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, pp. 127163 - 127163,

Aminpour F; Bishop K; Corkery L, 2020, 'The hidden value of in-between spaces within outdoor school environments for children's self-directed play.', Journal of Landscape and Urban Planning

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