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Ehlers PJ; Nurdin HI; Soh D, 2024, Stochastic Reservoir Computers, ,

Zhu C; Ehlers PJ; Nurdin HI; Soh D, 2024, Practical and Scalable Quantum Reservoir Computing, ,

Nurdin HI, 2024, Saturation of the Multiparameter Quantum Cramér-Rao Bound at the Single-Copy Level with Projective Measurements, ,

Nurdin HI, 2024, Saturability of the Quantum Cram\'{e}r-Rao Bound in Multiparameter Quantum Estimation at the Single-Copy Level, ,

Ehlers PJ; Nurdin HI; Soh D, 2023, Improving the Performance of Echo State Networks Through Feedback, ,

Nurdin HI, 2023, Markovian Embeddings of Non-Markovian Quantum Systems: Coupled Stochastic and Quantum Master Equations for Non-Markovian Quantum Systems, ,

Yasuda T; Suzuki Y; Kubota T; Nakajima K; Gao Q; Zhang W; Shimono S; Nurdin HI; Yamamoto N, 2023, Quantum reservoir computing with repeated measurements on superconducting devices, ,

Youssry A; Nurdin HI, 2022, Multi-Axis Control of a Qubit in the Presence of Unknown Non-Markovian Quantum Noise, ,

Nurdin HI; Guţǎ M, 2022, Parameter estimation and system identification for continuously-observed quantum systems, ,

Dzurak AS; Epps J; Laucht A; Malaney R; Morello A; Nurdin HI; Pla JJ; Saraiva A; Yang CH, 2021, Development of an Undergraduate Quantum Engineering Degree, ,

Bentley J; Nurdin H; Chen Y; Li X; Miao H, 2021, Designing optimal linear detectors -- a bottom-up approach, ,

Nurdin HI; Gough JE, 2021, From the Heisenberg to the Schrödinger Picture: Quantum Stochastic Processes and Process Tensors, ,

Chen J; Nurdin HI, 2021, A Small-Gain Theorem for Discrete-Time Convergent Systems and Its Applications, ,

Ali M; Nurdin HI; Fletcher JE, 2020, Synthesizing Averaged Virtual Oscillator Dynamics to Control Inverters with an Output LCL Filter, ,

Bentley J; Nurdin H; Chen Y; Miao H, 2020, Direct approach to realising quantum filters for high-precision measurements, ,

Chen J; Nurdin HI; Yamamoto N, 2020, Temporal Information Processing on Noisy Quantum Computers, ,

Nurdin HI, 2019, Quantum Stochastic Processes and the Modelling of Quantum Noise, ,

Chen J; Nurdin HI, 2019, Learning Nonlinear Input-Output Maps with Dissipative Quantum Systems, ,

Fagnola F; Gough JE; Nurdin HI; Viola L, 2018, Mathematical Models of Markovian Dephasing, ,

Gough JE; Nurdin HI, 2017, Can Quantum Markov Evolutions Ever Be Dynamically Decoupled?, ,

Levitt M; Guta M; Nurdin HI, 2016, Power Spectrum Identification for Quantum Linear Systems, ,

Shi Z; Nurdin HI, 2016, Model reduction of cavity nonlinear optics for photonic logic: A quasi-principal components approach, ,

Nurdin HI; James MR; Yamamoto N, 2016, Perfectly capturing traveling single photons of arbitrary temporal wavepackets with a single tunable device, ,

Grivopoulos S; Nurdin HI; Petersen IR, 2016, On Transfer Function Realizations for Linear Quantum Stochastic Systems, ,

Yamamoto N; Nurdin HI; James MR, 2016, Quantum state transfer for multi-input linear quantum systems, ,

Shi Z; Nurdin HI, 2016, Formulae for entanglement in a linear coherent feedback network of multiple nondegenerate optical parametric amplifiers: the infinite bandwidth case, ,

Techakesari O; Nurdin HI, 2015, Tangential Interpolatory Projection for Model Reduction of Linear Quantum Stochastic Systems, ,

Nurdin HI; Grivopoulos S; Petersen IR, 2015, The Transfer Function of Generic Linear Quantum Stochastic Systems Has a Pure Cascade Realization, ,

Techakesari O; Nurdin HI, 2015, Error Bounds for Finite-Dimensional Approximations of Input-Output Open Quantum Systems by Subspace Truncation and Adiabatic Elimination, ,

Shi Z; Nurdin HI, 2015, Local optimality of a coherent feedback scheme for distributed entanglement generation: the idealized infinite bandwidth limit, ,

Shi Z; Nurdin HI, 2015, Entanglement in a linear coherent feedback chain of nondegenerate optical parametric amplifiers, ,

Shi Z; Nurdin HI, 2015, Optimization of distributed EPR entanglement generated between two Gaussian fields by the modified steepest descent method, ,

Shi Z; Nurdin HI, 2014, Effect of phase shifts on EPR entanglement generated on two propagating Gaussian fields via coherent feedback, ,

Nurdin HI; Gough JE, 2014, Modular Quantum Memories Using Passive Linear Optics and Coherent Feedback, ,

Nurdin HI, 2014, Quantum filtering for multiple input multiple output systems driven by arbitrary zero-mean jointly Gaussian input fields, ,

Bouten L; Gohm R; Gough J; Nurdin H, 2014, A Trotter-Kato Theorem for Quantum Markov Limits, ,

Techakesari O; Nurdin HI, 2014, On the Quasi-Balanceable Class of Linear Quantum Stochastic Systems, ,

Jacobs K; Nurdin HI; Strauch FW; James M, 2014, Comparing resolved-sideband cooling and measurement-based feedback cooling on an equal footing: analytical results in the regime of ground-state cooling, ,

Gough JE; James MR; Nurdin HI, 2014, Quantum Trajectories for a Class of Continuous Matrix Product Input States, ,

Wang S; Nurdin HI; Zhang G; James MR, 2014, Representation and Network Synthesis for a Class of Mixed Quantum-Classical Linear Stochastic Systems, ,

Nurdin HI; Gough JE, 2013, On structure-preserving transformations of the Ito generator matrix for model reduction of quantum feedback networks, ,

Nurdin HI, 2013, Structures and Transformations for Model Reduction of Linear Quantum Stochastic Systems, ,

Nurdin HI; Yamamoto N, 2012, Distributed entanglement generation between continuous-mode Gaussian fields with measurement-feedback enhancement, ,

Nurdin HI; Petersen IR; James MR, 2011, On the infeasibility of entanglement generation in Gaussian quantum systems via classical control, ,

Gough JE; James MR; Nurdin HI; Combes J, 2011, Quantum Filtering (Quantum Trajectories) for Systems Driven by Fields in Single Photon States and Superposition of Coherent States, ,

Gough JE; James MR; Nurdin HI, 2011, Quantum Master Equation and Filter for Systems Driven by Fields in a Single Photon State, ,

Gough JE; Guta MI; James MR; Nurdin HI, 2010, Quantum filtering for systems driven by fermion fields, ,

Gough JE; Nurdin HI; Wildfeuer S, 2010, Commutativity of the adiabatic elimination limit of fast oscillatory components and the instantaneous feedback limit in quantum feedback networks, ,

Nurdin HI, 2010, On synthesis of linear quantum stochastic systems by pure cascading, ,

Jacobs K; Nurdin HI; Strauch FW; James M, 2010, Frequency Conversion: Side-band cooling, state-swapping, and coherent control of mechanical resonators, ,

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