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Nurdin HI; Guţǎ M, 2022, Parameter estimation and system identification for continuously-observed quantum systems

Dzurak AS; Epps J; Laucht A; Malaney R; Morello A; Nurdin HI; Pla JJ; Saraiva A; Yang CH, 2021, Development of an Undergraduate Quantum Engineering Degree,

Bentley J; Nurdin H; Chen Y; Li X; Miao H, 2021, Designing Heisenberg-limited linear detectors: a bottom-up approach

Nurdin HI; Gough JE, 2021, From the Heisenberg to the Schrödinger Picture: Quantum Stochastic Processes and Process Tensors

Chen J; Nurdin HI, 2021, A Small-Gain Theorem for Discrete-Time Convergent Systems and Its Applications

Ali M; Nurdin HI; Fletcher JE, 2020, Synthesizing Averaged Virtual Oscillator Dynamics to Control Inverters with an Output LCL Filter

Bentley J; Nurdin H; Chen Y; Miao H, 2020, Direct approach to realising quantum filters for high-precision measurements

Chen J; Nurdin HI; Yamamoto N, 2020, Temporal Information Processing on Noisy Quantum Computers

Nurdin HI, 2019, Quantum Stochastic Processes and the Modelling of Quantum Noise

Chen J; Nurdin HI, 2019, Learning Nonlinear Input-Output Maps with Dissipative Quantum Systems

Fagnola F; Gough JE; Nurdin HI; Viola L, 2018, Mathematical Models of Markovian Dephasing

Levitt M; Guta M; Nurdin HI, 2016, Power Spectrum Identification for Quantum Linear Systems

Shi Z; Nurdin HI, 2016, Model reduction of cavity nonlinear optics for photonic logic: A quasi-principal components approach

Nurdin HI; James MR; Yamamoto N, 2016, Perfectly capturing traveling single photons of arbitrary temporal wavepackets with a single tunable device

Grivopoulos S; Nurdin HI; Petersen IR, 2016, On Transfer Function Realizations for Linear Quantum Stochastic Systems

Yamamoto N; Nurdin HI; James MR, 2016, Quantum state transfer for multi-input linear quantum systems

Shi Z; Nurdin HI, 2016, Formulae for entanglement in a linear coherent feedback network of multiple nondegenerate optical parametric amplifiers: the infinite bandwidth case

Techakesari O; Nurdin HI, 2015, Tangential Interpolatory Projection for Model Reduction of Linear Quantum Stochastic Systems

Nurdin HI; Grivopoulos S; Petersen IR, 2015, The Transfer Function of Generic Linear Quantum Stochastic Systems Has a Pure Cascade Realization

Techakesari O; Nurdin HI, 2015, Error Bounds for Finite-Dimensional Approximations of Input-Output Open Quantum Systems by Subspace Truncation and Adiabatic Elimination

Shi Z; Nurdin HI, 2015, Local optimality of a coherent feedback scheme for distributed entanglement generation: the idealized infinite bandwidth limit

Shi Z; Nurdin HI, 2015, Entanglement in a linear coherent feedback chain of nondegenerate optical parametric amplifiers

Shi Z; Nurdin HI, 2015, Optimization of distributed EPR entanglement generated between two Gaussian fields by the modified steepest descent method

Shi Z; Nurdin HI, 2014, Effect of phase shifts on EPR entanglement generated on two propagating Gaussian fields via coherent feedback

Nurdin HI; Gough JE, 2014, Modular Quantum Memories Using Passive Linear Optics and Coherent Feedback

Nurdin HI, 2014, Quantum filtering for multiple input multiple output systems driven by arbitrary zero-mean jointly Gaussian input fields

Bouten L; Gohm R; Gough J; Nurdin H, 2014, A Trotter-Kato Theorem for Quantum Markov Limits

Techakesari O; Nurdin HI, 2014, On the Quasi-Balanceable Class of Linear Quantum Stochastic Systems

Jacobs K; Nurdin HI; Strauch FW; James M, 2014, Comparing resolved-sideband cooling and measurement-based feedback cooling on an equal footing: analytical results in the regime of ground-state cooling

Gough JE; James MR; Nurdin HI, 2014, Quantum Trajectories for a Class of Continuous Matrix Product Input States

Wang S; Nurdin HI; Zhang G; James MR, 2014, Representation and Network Synthesis for a Class of Mixed Quantum-Classical Linear Stochastic Systems

Nurdin HI, 2013, Structures and Transformations for Model Reduction of Linear Quantum Stochastic Systems

Nurdin HI; Yamamoto N, 2012, Distributed entanglement generation between continuous-mode Gaussian fields with measurement-feedback enhancement

Gough JE; Guta MI; James MR; Nurdin HI, 2010, Quantum filtering for systems driven by fermion fields

Gough JE; Nurdin HI; Wildfeuer S, 2010, Commutativity of the adiabatic elimination limit of fast oscillatory components and the instantaneous feedback limit in quantum feedback networks

Nurdin HI, 2010, On synthesis of linear quantum stochastic systems by pure cascading

Jacobs K; Nurdin HI; Strauch FW; James M, 2010, Frequency Conversion: Side-band cooling, state-swapping, and coherent control of mechanical resonators

Kerckhoff J; Nurdin HI; Pavlichin DS; Mabuchi H, 2009, Designing quantum memories with embedded control: photonic circuits for autonomous quantum error correction

Yamamoto N; Nurdin HI; James MR; Petersen IR, 2008, Avoiding entanglement sudden-death via measurement feedback control in a quantum network

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