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Eapen V; Perkes I; Golf R, 2022, 'Pathways from Genes to Symptoms in Tourette Syndrome', in Eapen V; Perkes I; Golf R (ed.), Tourette Syndrome, Oxford University Press, pp. 311 - 328,

Eapen V; Perkes I; Goff R, 2020, 'Pathways from genes to symptoms in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome (GTS)', in In Tourette Syndrome, Eds D Martine, JF Leckman, Oxford University press

Hazell, P; Perkes I, 2017, 'Child and Adolescent Psychiatry', in Bloch, S; Green, S; Janka, A; Mitchell PHILLIPB; Robertson, M (ed.), Foundations of Clinical Psychiatry Fourth Edition, Melbourne Univ. Publishing

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