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Kolc KL; Tan YXK; Lo AZY; Shvetcov A; Mitchell P; Perkes I, 2023, Measuring psychiatric symptoms online: A systematic review of the use of inventories on Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk), ,

Versitano S; Shvetcov A; Paton J; Perkes I, 2022, Art therapy is associated with a reduced rate of restrictive practices on an inpatient child and adolescent mental health unit, ,

Watson P; O'Callaghan C; Perkes I; Bradfield L; Turner K, 2022, Making habits measurable beyond what they are not: a focus on associative dual-process models, ,

Perkes I; Kassem M; Hazell P; Paxinos G; Mitchell P; Eapen V; Balleine B, 2022, The anatomy of obsessive-compulsive disorder, ,

Perkes I; Morris R; Griffiths K; Quail S; Waters F; O’Brien M; Hazell P; Balleine B, 2022, The motivational determinants of human action, their neural bases and functional impact in adolescents with OCD, ,

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