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Liu A; Li X; Wu H; Guo B; Jonnagaddala J; Zhang H; Xu XS, 2022, Prognostic Significance of Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes Using Deep Learning on Pathology Images in Colorectal Cancers,

Guo B; Li X; Jonnagaddala J; Zhang H; Xu XS, 2022, Predicting microsatellite instability and key biomarkers in colorectal cancer from H&E-stained images: Achieving SOTA predictive performance with fewer data using Swin Transformer,

Li X; Jonnagaddala J; Cen M; Zhang H; Xu XS, 2022, Colorectal cancer survival prediction using deep distribution based multiple-instance learning,

Banda JM; Adderley N; Ahmed W-U-R; AlGhoul H; Alser O; Alser M; Areia C; Cogenur M; Fišter K; Gombar S; Huser V; Jonnagaddala J; Lai LYH; Leis A; Mateu L; Mayer MA; Minty E; Morales D; Natarajan K; Paredes R; Periyakoil VS; Prats-Uribe A; Ross EG; Singh G; Subbian V; Vivekanantham A; Prieto-Alhambra D, 2021, Characterization of long-term patient-reported symptoms of COVID-19: an analysis of social media data,

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