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Hogg AG; Fifield LK; Palmer JG; Turney CSM, 2007, 'Robust radiocarbon dating of wood samples by high-sensitivity liquid scintillation spectroscopy in the 50–70 kyr age range',

McCormac FG; Reimer PJ; Hogg AG; Higham TG; Baillie ML; Palmer J; Stuiver M, 2002, 'Calibration of the radiocarbon time scale for the Southern Hemisphere; AD 1850-950.', in Radiocarbon, The University of Arizona, pp. 641 - 651,

Hogg AG; McCormac FG; Higham TFG; Reimer PJ; Baillie MGL; Palmer JG, 2002, 'High-Precision Radiocarbon Measurements of Contemporaneous Tree-Ring Dated Wood from the British Isles and New Zealand: Ad 1850–950', in Radiocarbon, Cambridge University Press, pp. 633 - 640,

Sparks RJ; Melhuish WH; McKee JWA; Ogden J; Palmer JG; Molloy BPJ, 1994, 'C-14 calibration in the southern hemisphere and the date of the last Taupo eruption: Evidence from tree-ring sequences', in RADIOCARBON, UNIV ARIZONA DEPT GEOSCIENCES, SCOTLAND, GLASGOW, pp. 155 - 163, presented at 15th International Radiocarbon Conference, SCOTLAND, GLASGOW, 15 August 1994 - 19 August 1994,

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