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Higgins P; Palmer J; Johnson F; Andersen M; Turney C, 2023, Exploring Pacific Island hydroclimatic extremes using the South Pacific Drought Atlas, ,

Higgins PA; Palmer JG; Turney CSM; Andersen MS; Johnson F, 2021, Supplementary material to "Do Southern Hemisphere tree rings record past volcanic events?", ,

Turney CSM; Klekociuk A; Fogwill CJ; Zunz V; Goosse H; Parkinson CL; Compo G; Lazzara M; Keller L; Allan R; Palmer JG; Clark G; Marzinelli E, 2017, Supplementary material to "Brief communication: Changing mid-twentieth century Antarctic sea ice variability linked to tropical forcing", Copernicus GmbH, ,

Turney CSM; Fogwill CJ; Klekociuk A; van Ommen TD; Curran MAJ; Moy AD; Palmer JG, 2015, Supplementary material to "Tropical and mid-latitude forcing of continental Antarctic temperatures", Copernicus GmbH, ,

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