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Gu W; Chan KW; Kwon J; Dhaoui C; Septianto F, 2023, 'Informational vs. emotional B2B firm-generated-content on social media engagement: Computerized visual and textual content analysis', Industrial Marketing Management, 112, pp. 98 - 112,

Chan KW; Septianto F; Kwon J; Kamal RS, 2023, 'Color effects on AI influencers’ product recommendations', European Journal of Marketing,

Septianto F; Kwon J, 2022, 'Too cute to be bad? Cute brand logo reduces consumer punishment following brand transgressions', International Journal of Research in Marketing, 39, pp. 1108 - 1126,

Abdul-Ghani E; Kim J; Kwon J; Hyde KF; Cui Y, 2022, 'Love or like: gender effects in emotional expression in online reviews', European Journal of Marketing, 56, pp. 3592 - 3616,

Septianto F; Kemper JA; Quang HP; Li S; Kwon J, 2022, 'The impact of social media visual features on acceptance of meat substitute', International Journal of Market Research, 64, pp. 756 - 772,

Kwon J; Chan KW; Gu W; Septianto F, 2022, 'The role of cool versus warm colors in B2B versus B2C firm-generated content for boosting positive eWOM', Industrial Marketing Management, 104, pp. 212 - 225,

Al-Qershi OM; Kwon J; Zhao S; Li Z, 2022, 'Predicting crowdfunding success with visuals and speech in video ads and text ads', European Journal of Marketing, 56, pp. 1610 - 1649,

Kwon J; Lin H; Deng L; Dellicompagni T; Kang MY, 2022, 'Computerized emotional content analysis: empirical findings based on charity social media advertisements', International Journal of Advertising, 41, pp. 1314 - 1337,

Kim J; Kim Y; Kwon J, 2022, 'When a Good Thing Becomes a Better Thing: The Role of Lateral Display in Upcycled Product Advertisements', Journal of Advertising, 51, pp. 502 - 514,

Kwon J; Lee JS; Lee SH; Jun CH; Kim KJ, 2005, 'Multiresponse Optimization through a Loss Function Considering Process Parameter Fluctuation', Journal of the Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers, 31, pp. 164 - 172

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