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Birrer SC; Dafforn KA; Johnston EL, 2017, 'Microbial community responses to contaminants and the use of molecular techniques', in Microbial Ecotoxicology, Springer, pp. 165 - 183,

Johnston EL; Dafforn KA; Clark GF; Rius M; Floerl O, 2017, 'How anthropogenic activities affect the establishment and spread of non-indigenous species post-arrival', in Hawkins SJ; Evans AJ; Dale AC; Firth LB; Hughes DJ; Smith IP (ed.), Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review, CRC PRESS-TAYLOR & FRANCIS GROUP, pp. 389 - 419,

Dafforn KA; Baird DJ; Chariton AA; Sun MY; Brown MV; Simpson SL; Kelaher BP; Johnston EL, 2014, 'Chapter One Faster, Higher and Stronger? The Pros and Cons of Molecular Faunal Data for Assessing Ecosystem Condition', in Big Data in Ecology, Elsevier, pp. 1 - 40,

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