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Dunn K; Haeusler M; Zavoleas Y; Bishop M; Dafforn K; Sedano F; Yu D; Schaefer N, 2019, 'Recycled Sustainable 3D Printing Materials for Marine Environments', in Souza X; Castro H (ed.), eCAADE/Sigradi & University of Porto, University of Porto, Portugal, pp. 583 - 592, presented at eCAADe 37/Sigradi 23: Architecture in the Age of the 4th Industrial Revolution, University of Porto, Portugal, 11 September 2019 - 13 September 2019,

Van den Brink PJ; Bracewell SA; Bush A; Chariton A; Choung CB; Compson ZG; Dafforn KA; Korbel K; Lapen DR; Mayer-Pinto M; Monk WA; O'Brien AL; Rideout NK; Schäfer RB; Sumon KA; Verdonschot RCM; Baird DJ, 2019, 'Towards a general framework for the assessment of interactive effects of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems: Results from the Making Aquatic Ecosystems Great Again (MAEGA) workshop', in Science of the Total Environment, pp. 722 - 726,

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