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Schroeder SE; Drysdale K; Lafferty L; Baldry E; Marshall AD; Higgs P; Dietze P; Stoove M; Treloar C, 2022, '"It's a revolving door": Ego-depletion among prisoners with injecting drug use histories as a barrier to post-release success', International Journal of Drug Policy, vol. 101,

Newton G; Zappavigna M; Drysdale K; Newman CE, 2022, 'More than Humor: Memes as Bonding Icons for Belonging in Donor-Conceived People', Social Media and Society, vol. 8, pp. 205630512110690 - 205630512110690,

Valentine K; Smith A; Persson A; Gray R; Bryant J; Hamilton M; Wallace J; Drysdale K; Newman CE, 2022, 'The freighted social histories of HIV and hepatitis C: Exploring service providers' perspectives on stigma in the current epidemics', Medical Humanities,

Newton G; Drysdale K; Zappavigna M; Newman CE, 2022, 'Truth, Proof, Sleuth: Trust in Direct-to-Consumer DNA Testing and Other Sources of Identity Information among Australian Donor-Conceived People', Sociology, pp. 003803852210911 - 003803852210911,

Treloar C; Schroeder S; Lafferty L; Marshall A; Drysdale K; Higgs P; Baldry E; Stoove M; Dietze P, 2021, 'Structural competency in the post-prison period for people who inject drugs: A qualitative case study', International Journal of Drug Policy, vol. 95, pp. 103261,

Treloar C; Hopwood M; Drysdale K; Lea T; Holt M; Dowsett GW; Aggleton P; Bryant J, 2021, 'Stigma as understood by key informants: A social ecological approach to gay and bisexual men's use of crystal methamphetamine for sex', International Journal of Drug Policy, vol. 94, pp. 103229 - 103229,

Gibson A; Drysdale K; Botfield J; Cook T; Mooney-Somers J; Newman C, 2021, 'Navigating trans-visibilities, trauma, and trust in a new cervical screening program', Culture, Health and Sexuality,

Smith AKJ; Persson A; Drysdale K; Bryant J; valentine K; Wallace J; Hamilton M; Gray RM; Newman CE, 2021, 'Family imaginaries in the disclosure of a blood-borne virus', Sociology of Health and Illness, vol. 43, pp. 1422 - 1436,

Drysdale K; Bryant J; Dowsett GW; Lea T; Treloar C; Aggleton P; Holt M, 2021, 'Priorities and practices of risk reduction among gay and bisexual men in Australia who use crystal methamphetamine for sex.', Int J Drug Policy, vol. 93, pp. 103163 - 103163,

Drysdale K, 2021, '‘Scene’ as a critical framing device: Extending analysis of chemsex cultures', Sexualities, pp. 136346072199546 - 136346072199546,

Drysdale K; Cama E; Botfield J; Bear B; Cerio R; Newman CE, 2020, 'Targeting cancer prevention and screening interventions to LGBTQ communities: a scoping review', Health and Social Care in the Community, pp. 1 - 16,

Drysdale K; Bryant J; Holt M; Hopwood M; Dowsett GW; Aggleton P; Lea T; Treloar C, 2020, 'Destabilising the ‘problem’ of chemsex: Diversity in settings, relations and practices revealed in Australian gay and bisexual men's crystal methamphetamine use', International Journal of Drug Policy, vol. 78, pp. 102697,

Drysdale K; Newman CE; Persson A; Gray RM, 2020, 'Mapping Experiences of Serodiscordance: Using Visual Methodologies to Construct Relationality in Families Living With or Affected by Stigmatized Infectious Disease', Qualitative Health Research, vol. 30, pp. 793 - 808,

MacGibbon J; Broady T; Drysdale K; Bavinton B; Lee E; Mao L; Prestage G; Holt M, 2019, 'Gay Men’s Relationship Agreements in the Era of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis: An Analysis of Australian Behavioural Surveillance Data', AIDS and Behavior,

Drysdale K, 2018, 'Intimate Attunements: Everyday affect in Sydney’s drag king scene', Sexualities, vol. 21, pp. 640 - 656,

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Drysdale K, 2016, 'Tactile places: Doing sensory ethnography in Sydneys drag king scene', Continuum, vol. 30, pp. 206 - 217,

Drysdale K, 2015, 'When Scenes Fade: Methodological lessons from Sydney's drag king culture', Cultural Studies, vol. 29, pp. 345 - 362,

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