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Lafferty L; Treloar C; Drysdale K, 2023, ‘They weren’t there when I needed them’: we asked former prisoners what happens when support services fail, ,

Drysdale K; Aylmer R, 2021, Using art to prevent recidivism and change attitudes towards people who inject drugs and have been in prison, Issue 6., Australian Human Rights Institute, ,

Drysdale K, 2019, Podcasts as resources? Yes! Collaborative research translation concerning gay and bisexual men who use crystal for sex, ,

Drysdale K, 2019, Championing collective responses in the intersection of health promotion and harm reduction for gay and bisexual men who use crystal methamphetamine, ,

Drysdale K, 2019, Long Live the King, Australian Broadcasting Corporation,

Drysdale K, 2018, Strapped, packed and taking the stage: Australia’s new drag kings, ,

Drysdale K, 2018, Remember the King, ,

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