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Beaumier G; Cartwright M, 2024, 'Cross-Network Weaponization in the Semiconductor Supply Chain', International Studies Quarterly, 68,

Cartwright M, 2021, 'Historical institutionalism and technological change: The case of Uber', Business and Politics, 23, pp. 67 - 90,

Cartwright M, 2021, 'Agency in Institutional Context: Utilitarian Copyright and Technological Disruption', International Journal of Public Administration, 44, pp. 30 - 38,

Cartwright M, 2021, 'Business conflict and international law: The political economy of copyright in the United States', Regulation and Governance, 15, pp. 152 - 167,

Morin JF; Cartwright M, 2020, 'The US and EU’s Intellectual Property Initiatives in Asia: Competition, Coordination or Replication?', Global Policy, 11, pp. 557 - 568,

Cartwright M, 2020, 'Internationalising state power through the internet: Google, huawei and geopolitical struggle', Internet Policy Review, 9, pp. 1 - 18,

Cartwright M, 2019, 'Preferential trade agreements and power asymmetries: the case of technological protection measures in Australia', Pacific Review, 32, pp. 313 - 335,

Cartwright M, 2018, 'Who cares about Reddit? Historical institutionalism and the fight against the Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT Intellectual Property Act', Policy Studies, 39, pp. 383 - 401,

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