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Williams DM; Ebach MC, 2020, Cladistics: A Guide to Biological Classification: Third Edition,

Williams DM; Ebach MC, 2020, Cladistics A Guide to Biological Classification, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

Ebach MC; Bernard M, 2020, Biotectonics Tectonics as the Driver of Bioregionalisation, Springer, New York

Ebach MC, 2017, Reinvention of Australasian Biogeography Reform, Revolt and Rebellion, CSIRO Publishing, Clayton, VIC

Ebach M, 2015, Origins of Biogeography: The role of biological classification in early plant and animal geography, Springer, Dordrecht, NL

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Williams D; Ebach M, 2008, Foundations of Systematics and Biogeography, Springer, New York, NY,

Edwards A; Ebach M, 2004, Hesiod's Ascra, University of California Press,

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