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Williams DM; Ebach M, 2012, "Phenetics" and its application,

Williams DM; Ebach M, 2012, Confusing homologs as homologies: a reply to "On homology",

Williams DM; Ebach M, 2012, E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle,

Ebach M, 2011, A Devil's Glossary for Biological Systematics, Taylor & Francis Ltd, ,

Ebach M; Williams D, 2011, Commentary and perspectives: A Devil's glossary for biological systematics, Taylor & Francis Ltd,

Ebach M, 2010, A new book on biogeography, Academic Press Ltd Elsevier Science Ltd,

Ebach M; Williams D, 2010, Book Review, Taylor & Francis Inc, ,

Ebach M; Williams D, 2009, How objective is a definition in the subspecies debate?,

Williams D; Ebach M, 2008, Evolutionary theory: don't skimp on teaching its history., ,

Ebach M; Gill A; Williams D, 2008, The Pitfalls of Astrobiogeography, Kluwer Academic Publ, ,

Ebach M, 2007, Book Review, Blackwell Publishing Ltd,

Williams D; Ebach M; Wheeler Q, 2005, 150 reasons for Paraphyly: a response, Int Association Plant Taxonomy,

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