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Barceló-Pagès M; Chimeno Hernández JM; Latorre-Musoll A; Gallego Franco P; Ansón Marcos C; García Apellaniz N; Jornet Sala N; Perez-Alija J; Adrià Mora M; Vivancos Bargalló H; Ruiz Martínes A; Carrasco de Fez P, 2021, 'PO-1852 Predicting factors for differences between dose algorithms in SBRT lung patients', Radiotherapy and Oncology, 161, pp. S1578 - S1580,

Mora M, 2020, '“This country of China is tough”: Nigerian immigrant music making in Guangzhou, China', African Music:2020 Journal of The International Library of African Music

Perez-Alija J; Gallego P; Lizondo M; Nuria J; Latorre-Musoll A; Valverde-Pascual I; Barceló-Pagès M; Garcia-Apellaniz N; de Fez PC; Delgado-Tapia P; Garcia PS; Mora MA; Martinez AR; Ribas M; Ambroa E, 2020, 'PH-0287: Transfer learning and Deep Neural Network for lung and heart dose prediction in breast treatments', Radiotherapy and Oncology, 152, pp. S146 - S147,

Perez-Alija J; Jornet N; Gallego P; Latorre-Musoll A; Carrasco de Fez P; Delgado-Tapia P; Simon Garcia P; Ruiz Martinez A; Adria Mora M; Lizondo M; Valverde-Pascual I; Barcelo-Pages M; Garcia-Apellaniz N; Sancho Pardo G; Craven-Bartle J; Ribas M, 2020, 'PO-1280: Six-Years Experience Of Peer Review: Analysis of results and lessons learned', Radiotherapy and Oncology, 152, pp. S675 - S675,

Valverde Pascual I; Gallego P; Perez-Alija J; Jornet N; Latorre-Musoll A; Barcelo-Pages M; Garcia-Apellaniz N; Carrasco de Fez P; Lizondo M; Simon Garcia P; Delgado-Tapia P; Adria Mora M; Ruiz Martinez A; Ribas M, 2020, 'PO-1608: Assessment of shoulder position variation and its impact on VMAT doses using an EPID-based software', Radiotherapy and Oncology, 152, pp. S875 - S876,

Mora M, 2020, 'Rappers, rajas, and borderless spaces: urban musical practices in Kepri province’s 'Growth Triangle’, Indonesia.', Indonesia and the Malay World, 48,

Mora M, 2018, 'Response to 'Sounding the Spirit: The Life of the T’boli T’nonggong' by Earl Jimenez\. pp.51-55.', Sabangan, Vol II., pp. 51 - 55

Mora M, 2017, '“This country of China is tough”: African music making in Guangzhou, China', African Diaspora

Mora M, 2012, 'Tune and Textile: Interrelatedness in the Music and Weaving Arts of the T'boli, Philippines', Humanities Diliman, 9, pp. 1 - 31

Mora M, 2011, 'Negotiation and hybridity in new Balinese music: Sanggar Bona Alit, a case study', Perfect Beat - the Pacific Journal of Research into Contemporary Music and Popular Culture, 12, pp. 45 - 68,

Mora M, 2010, 'Lutes, Gongs, Women and Men: (En)Gendering Instrumental Music in the Philippines', Ethnomusicology Forum, 17, pp. 225 - 247,

Mora M; Bodomo AB, 2007, 'Documentation is Documentation and Theory is Theory: A Reply to Daniel Avorgbedor's Commentary on 'Documenting Spoken and Sung Texts of the Dagaaba of West Africa'', Empirical Musicology Review, 2, pp. 152 - 154

Bodomo AB; Mora M, 2007, 'Documenting Spoken and Sung Texts of the Dagaaba of West Africa', Empirical Musicology Review, 2, pp. 81 - 102

Mora M, 2005, 'Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul: A Filipino Epistemology of Adeptness in Musical Performance', Asian Music, 36, pp. 81 - 96,

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