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Higgins M; Lenette C, 2024, Disrupting the Academy with Lived Experience-Led Knowledge Decolonising and Disrupting the Academy, Policy Press

Book Chapters

Atem AD; Higgins M, 2024, 'Ethical and decolonial considerations of co-research in refugee studies: what are we missing?', in Higgins M; Lenette C (ed.), Disrupting the Academy with Lived Experience-Led Knowledge, Bristol University Press, Bristol, UK, pp. 103 - 118,

Murad M; Salameh M; Higgins M, 2023, 'Narrative 9: My work advocating for the Syrian community', in Research Handbook on Disability Policy, pp. 322 - 329,

Higgins M; Murad M; Robinson K; Dew A; Boydell K; McKay F; Watson J; Coello M; Smith L; Johnson K; Wells R, 2023, 'Engaged advocacy: A framework for inclusion of people from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds in disability policy', in Research Handbook on Disability Policy, Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 305 - 321,

Higgins M, 2019, 'Social work with refugees and migrants', in Poon AWC; Ow R (ed.), Mental Health and Social Work, Springer, Singapore, pp. 1 - 22,

Journal articles

Dew A; Murad M; Smith L; Watson J; Robinson K; Higgins M; Preston-Thomas C; Stow M; Culos I; Coello M; Momartin S; Astourian C; Johnson K; Lenette C; Boydell K, 2024, 'Online Bilingual Co-Design: Developing Resources with People with Disability and Family Members from Refugee Backgrounds', The Qualitative Report,

Morley C; Ryan V; Higgins M; Hodge L; Briskman L; Harcus M; Martin R; Hill N, 2024, 'Australian Students’, Educators’, and Practitioners’ Experiences of Modified Field Education Standards During the COVID-19 Pandemic', Australian Social Work,

Morley C; Ryan V; Hodge L; Higgins M; Briskman L; Martin R, 2023, 'Re-Envisioning Field Education in Australian Social Work to Combat Placement Poverty: Students’, Educators’ and Practitioners’ Perceptions', The British Journal of Social Work,

Dew A; Lenette C; Wells R; Higgins M; McMahon T; Coello M; Momartin S; Raman S; Bibby H; Smith L; Boydell K, 2022, '“In the beginning it was difficult but things got easier”: Service use experiences of family members of people with disability from Iraqi and Syrian refugee backgrounds', Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities, 20, pp. 33 - 44,

Smith L; Chescher I; Dew A; Lenette C; Boydell K; Wells R; Higgins M, 2022, 'Key characteristics of the refugee journey for Iraqi and Syrian family members who support someone with disability', Disability and Society, 38, pp. 1848 - 1870,

Wells R; Murad M; Higgins M; Smith L; Lenette C; Lappin J; Dew A; Boydell K; Bibby H; Cassaniti M; Isaacs D; Raman S; Zwi K; Bibby H, 2021, 'Exploring the intersection of human rights, health, disability and refugee status: An arts-based approach', Australian Journal of Human Rights, 26, pp. 387 - 404,

Dew A; Lenette C; Smith L; Boydell K; Bibby H; Lappin J; Coello M; Raman S; Velkou K; Wells R; Momartin S; Blunden H; Higgins M; Murad M; Barry J; Mohammad Y; Bibby H, 2020, '“To the Arabic community disability is not normal”: Understandings of disability among Iraqi and Syrian people from refugee backgrounds.', Journal of Refugee Studies, 34, pp. 2849 - 2870,

Higgins MS, 2017, 'Reflections on methodology for a qualitative cross-cultural study of human rights', The Australasian Review of African Studies (ARAS),

Rollins W; Egan R; Zuchowski I; Duncan M; Chee P; Muncey P; Hill N; Higgins MS, 2017, 'Leading Through Collaboration: The National Field Education Network', Advances in Social Work and Welfare Education,;dn=054158805483050;res=IELHSS


Morley C; Briskman L; Martin R; Hodge L; Higgins M; Hill N; Watts L; Noble C, 2023, Reimagining field education: Report From The Summit, 1,

Crisp B; Morley C; Briskman L; Higgins M; Hodge L; Saunders B, 2023, Australian Council of Heads of Social Work Education: Submission to the Australian Universities Accord, 1,


Daniels K; Higgins M; Baldry E; McGee P, 2022, People with Cognitive Impairments and Mental Health Disorders Detained Under Forensic Orders, Often Indefinitely, Subject to Restrictive Practices Including Chemical Restraint Stories About Mike, Scott Simpson, Tarni, Melanie, David Dungay, David Wotherspoon, Fenika Junior Tautuliu Fenika (known as Junior), Shayne Mace, Miriam Mertens, Eric Whittaker, UNSW, Kensington: Australia,

Daniels K, 2022, Conceptualisation, Management and Experiences of Forensic Patients in New South Wales 2000 - 2025: Annexure Case Studies., UNSW, Kensington,

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