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Dew A; Murad M; Smith L; Watson J; Robinson K; Higgins M; Preston-Thomas C; Stow M; Culos I; Coello M; Momartin S; Astourian C; Johnson K; Lenette C; Boydell K, 2024, 'Online Bilingual Co-Design: Developing Resources with People with Disability and Family Members from Refugee Backgrounds', The Qualitative Report,

Morley C; Ryan V; Higgins M; Hodge L; Briskman L; Harcus M; Martin R; Hill N, 2024, 'Australian Students’, Educators’, and Practitioners’ Experiences of Modified Field Education Standards During the COVID-19 Pandemic', Australian Social Work,

Morley C; Ryan V; Hodge L; Higgins M; Briskman L; Martin R, 2023, 'Re-Envisioning Field Education in Australian Social Work to Combat Placement Poverty: Students’, Educators’ and Practitioners’ Perceptions', The British Journal of Social Work,

Dew A; Lenette C; Wells R; Higgins M; McMahon T; Coello M; Momartin S; Raman S; Bibby H; Smith L; Boydell K, 2022, '“In the beginning it was difficult but things got easier”: Service use experiences of family members of people with disability from Iraqi and Syrian refugee backgrounds', Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities, 20, pp. 33 - 44,

Smith L; Chescher I; Dew A; Lenette C; Boydell K; Wells R; Higgins M, 2022, 'Key characteristics of the refugee journey for Iraqi and Syrian family members who support someone with disability', Disability and Society, 38, pp. 1848 - 1870,

Wells R; Murad M; Higgins M; Smith L; Lenette C; Lappin J; Dew A; Boydell K; Bibby H; Cassaniti M; Isaacs D; Raman S; Zwi K; Bibby H, 2021, 'Exploring the intersection of human rights, health, disability and refugee status: An arts-based approach', Australian Journal of Human Rights, 26, pp. 387 - 404,

Dew A; Lenette C; Smith L; Boydell K; Bibby H; Lappin J; Coello M; Raman S; Velkou K; Wells R; Momartin S; Blunden H; Higgins M; Murad M; Barry J; Mohammad Y; Bibby H, 2020, '“To the Arabic community disability is not normal”: Understandings of disability among Iraqi and Syrian people from refugee backgrounds.', Journal of Refugee Studies, 34, pp. 2849 - 2870,

Higgins MS, 2017, 'Reflections on methodology for a qualitative cross-cultural study of human rights', The Australasian Review of African Studies (ARAS),

Rollins W; Egan R; Zuchowski I; Duncan M; Chee P; Muncey P; Hill N; Higgins MS, 2017, 'Leading Through Collaboration: The National Field Education Network', Advances in Social Work and Welfare Education,;dn=054158805483050;res=IELHSS

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