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Dawson JR; Jones PA; Purcell C; Walsh AJ; Breen SL; Brown C; Carretti E; Cunningham MR; Dickey JM; Ellingsen SP; Gibson SJ; Gomez JF; Green JA; Imai H; Krishnan V; Lo N; Lowe V; Marquarding M; McClure-Griffiths NM, 2022, SPLASH: The Southern Parkes Large-Area Survey in Hydroxyl -- Data Description & Release, ,

Syme A-M; Mousley A; Cunningham M; McKemmish LK, 2020, Diatomic rovibronic transitions as potential probes for proton-to-electron mass ratio across cosmological time, ,

Harvey-Smith L; Hardwick JA; De Marco O; Parthasarathy M; Gonidakis I; Akhter S; Cunningham M; Green JA, 2018, The Nature of the Stingray Nebula from Radio Observations, ,

Qiao H-H; Walsh AJ; Gomez JF; Imai H; Green JA; Dawson JR; Shen Z-Q; Ellingsen SP; Breen SL; Jones PA; Gibson SJ; Cunningham MR, 2015, Unusual shock-excited OH maser emission in a young Planetary Nebula, ,

Jordan CH; Walsh AJ; Lowe V; Voronkov MA; Ellingsen SP; Breen SL; Purcell CR; Barnes PJ; Burton MG; Cunningham MR; Hill T; Jackson JM; Longmore SN; Peretto N; Urquhart JS, 2015, MALT-45: A 7 mm survey of the southern Galaxy - I. Techniques and spectral line data, ,

Lowe V; Cunningham MR; Urquhart JS; Marshall JP; Horiuchi S; Lo N; Walsh AJ; Jordan CH; Jones PA, 2014, Molecular line mapping of the giant molecular cloud associated with RCW 106 - IV. Ammonia towards dust emission, ,

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