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Sabot M; De Kauwe M; Pitman A; Medlyn B; Caldararu S; Zaehle S; Ellsworth D, 2021, 'On which timescale(s) do optimal adjustments to vegetation function confer resilience? A case study in South-Eastern Australia',

Mu M; De Kauwe M; Ukkola A; Pitman A; Gimeno T; Medlyn B; Or D; Yang J; Ellsworth D, 2021, 'Evaluating a land surface model at a water-limited site: implications for land surface contributions to droughts and heatwaves',

Ukkola A; De Kauwe M; Roderick M; Abramowitz G; Pitman A, 2021, 'Robust Future Changes in Meteorological Drought in CMIP6 Projections Despite Uncertainty in Precipitation',

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