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Assareh E; Mousavi Asl SS; Ahmadinejad M; Parvaz M; Ghodrat M, 2024, 'Optimization of a solar energy system integrating cooling, hot water, and power units in Australian cities: A climate-based analysis and cost-efficiency investigation', International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 49, pp. 353 - 375,

Dezhdar A; Assareh E; Agarwal N; Baheri A; Ahmadinejad M; Zadsar N; Fard GY; Ali bedakhanian ; Aghajari M; Ghodrat M; Rahman MM; Lee M, 2024, 'Modeling, optimization, and economic analysis of a comprehensive CCHP system with fuel cells, reverse osmosis, batteries, and hydrogen storage subsystems Powered by renewable energy sources', Renewable Energy, 220,

Ben Khedher N; Ghodrat M; Sheremet M; Hussin AM; Dhaou MH; Mehryan SAM; Sharifpur M, 2024, 'The influence of aspect ratios of two elliptical cylinders on the solid-liquid phase change flow', Alexandria Engineering Journal, 86, pp. 346 - 359,

Sabourishirazi A; Ghodrat M; Liow JL; Behnia M, 2023, 'Recent advances in design and performance optimization of pillow-plate heat exchangers: a critical review', Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 148, pp. 13679 - 13707,

Assareh E; Karimi birgani K; Agarwal N; Arabkoohsar A; Ghodrat M; Lee M, 2023, 'A transient study on a solar-assisted combined gas power cycle for sustainable multi-generation in hot and cold climates: Case studies of Dubai and Toronto', Energy, 282,

Assareh E; Mousavi Asl SS; Agarwal N; Ahmadinejad M; Ghodrat M; Lee M, 2023, 'New optimized configuration for a hybrid PVT solar/electrolyzer/absorption chiller system utilizing the response surface method as a machine learning technique and multi-objective optimization', Energy, 281,

Ozgoli HA; Deilami S; Ghodrat M; Safari S; Mirabi MH; Olusegun TS, 2023, 'Three-dimensional numerical modelling of a fast fluidized bed biomass gasifier to generate energy from wastes', Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 101, pp. 5542 - 5560,

Shakibi H; Faal MY; Assareh E; Agarwal N; Yari M; Latifi SA; Ghodrat M; Lee M, 2023, 'Design and multi-objective optimization of a multi-generation system based on PEM electrolyzer, RO unit, absorption cooling system, and ORC utilizing machine learning approaches; a case study of Australia', Energy, 278,

Ghalambaz M; Mehryan SAM; Ramezani SR; Hajjar A; El Kadri M; Islam MS; Younis O; Ghodrat M, 2023, 'Phase change heat transfer in a vertical metal foam-phase change material thermal energy storage heat dissipator', Journal of Energy Storage, 66,

Edalati-Nejad A; Ghodrat M; Sharples JJ, 2023, 'On the interaction of wind, fire intensity and downslope terrain with implications for building standards in wildfire-prone areas', International Journal of Wildland Fire, 32, pp. 1619 - 1632,

Assareh E; Hoseinzadeh S; Agarwal N; Delpisheh M; Dezhdar A; Feyzi M; Wang Q; Garcia DA; Gholamian E; Hosseinzadeh M; Ghodrat M; Lee M, 2023, 'A transient simulation for a novel solar-geothermal cogeneration system with a selection of heat transfer fluids using thermodynamics analysis and ANN intelligent (AI) modeling', Applied Thermal Engineering, 231,

Assareh E; Agarwal N; Paul MC; Ahmadi P; Ghodrat M; Lee M, 2023, 'Investigation and development of a novel solar-biomass integrated energy system for clean electricity and liquid hydrogen production', Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, 42,

Khani Aminjan K; Ghodrat M; Heidari M; Arjmandfard A; Rahmanivahid P; Cosme Pecho RD; Yasin Y; Shukhratovich Abdullaev S, 2023, 'Study on duplex air-blast atomizers spray in the engine real operation conditions', Physics of Fluids, 35,

Foruzan Nia M; Farzad H; Babak Ansari A; Ghodrat M; Abdolreza Gandjalikhan Nassab S; Behnia M, 2023, 'Performance improvement of a tubular heat exchanger by tube arrangement optimization using simulated annealing algorithm and blocked-off method', Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, 40,

Shahsavar A; Askari IB; Ghodrat M; Arıcı M; Nižetić S; Rehman TU; Ma Z, 2023, 'Experimental investigation of the effect of mechanical vibration and rotating magnetic field on the hydrothermal performance of water-Fe3O4 ferrofluid inside a rifled tube', Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 572,

Pourhoseini SH; Baghban M; Ghodrat M, 2023, 'A Comparative Thermal and Economic Investigation of Similar Shell & Tube and Plate Heat Exchangers with Low Concentration Ag-H2O Nanofluid', Energies, 16, pp. 1854,

Shakibi H; Assareh E; Chitsaz A; Keykhah S; Behrang M; Golshanzadeh M; Ghodrat M; Lee M, 2023, 'Exergoeconomic and optimization study of a solar and wind-driven plant employing machine learning approaches; a case study of Las Vegas city', Journal of Cleaner Production, 385,

Pourhoseini SH; Ghodrat M; Baghban M; Shams Z, 2023, 'Effects of blending energetic iron nanoparticles in B20 fuel on lower CO and UHC emissions of the diesel engine in cold start condition', Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, 41,

Khani Aminjan K; Ghodrat M; Heidari M; Rahmanivahid P; Naghdi Khanachah S; Chitt M; Escobedo-Diaz JP, 2023, 'Numerical and experimental investigation to design a novel morphing airfoil for performance optimization', Propulsion and Power Research, 12, pp. 83 - 103,

Edalati nejad A; Fanaee SA; Ghodrat M, 2023, 'Numerical investigation of methane-air counterflow premixed flame into a newly designed plus-shaped chamber with platinum and rhodium catalysts coated walls', Combustion Science and Technology, 195, pp. 2598 - 2613,

Ghodrat M; Shakeriaski F; Fanaee SA; Simeoni A, 2023, 'Software-Based Simulations of Wildfire Spread and Wind-Fire Interaction', Fire, 6, pp. 12,

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Ghodrat M; Edalati-Nejad A; Simeoni A, 2022, 'Collective Effects of Fire Intensity and Sloped Terrain on Wind-Driven Surface Fire and Its Impact on a Cubic Structure', Fire, 5, pp. 208,

Mahjoob Karambasti B; Ghodrat M; Naghashzadegan M; Ghorbani G, 2022, 'Optimum design of a greenhouse for efficient use of solar radiation using a multi-objective genetic algorithm', Energy Efficiency, 15,

Shamsadin Saeid MH; Ghodrat M, 2022, 'Numerical Simulation of the Influence of Hydrogen Concentration on Detonation Diffraction Mechanism', Energies, 15, pp. 8726,

Ajorloo M; Ghodrat M; Scott J; Strezov V, 2022, 'Modelling and statistical analysis of plastic biomass mixture co-gasification', Energy, 256,

Khani Aminjan K; Ghodrat M; Escobedo-diaz JP; Heidari M; Chitt M; Hajivand M, 2022, 'Study on inlet pressure and Reynolds number in pressure-swirl atomizer with spiral path', International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 137,

Zarei A; Akhavan S; Ghodrat M; Behnia M, 2022, 'Thermodynamic analysis and multi-objective optimization of a modified solar trigeneration system for cooling, heating and power using photovoltaic-thermal and flat plate collectors', International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 137,

Ajorloo M; Ghodrat M; Scott J; Strezov V, 2022, 'Heavy metals removal/stabilization from municipal solid waste incineration fly ash: a review and recent trends', Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management, 24, pp. 1693 - 1717,

Hossein A; Shirazi S; Ghodrat M; Rastan MR; Salehi F, 2022, 'Performance Analysis of Channels in Adiabatic and Non-Adiabatic Spiral Plate Heat Exchangers: A Thermodynamic Study', Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, 14,

Sadeghi MS; Chamkha AJ; Ali R; Ben Hamida MB; Ghodrat M; Galal AM, 2022, 'Hydrothermal behavior of micro-polar Nano-Encapsulated phase change materials (NEPCMs) in an inclined L-shaped cavity', Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, 35,

Shamsadin Saeid MH; Khadem J; Emami S; Ghodrat M, 2022, 'Effect of diffusion time on the mechanism of deflagration to detonation transition in an inhomogeneous mixture of hydrogen-air', International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 47, pp. 23411 - 23426,

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Edalati-nejad A; Fanaee SA; Ghodrat M, 2022, 'The stabilized methane–air counterflow flame into a plus-shaped chamber with platinum catalyst–coated walls: An emission estimation', Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 236, pp. 6902 - 6911,

Shakeriaski F; Ghodrat M, 2022, 'Challenges and limitation of wearable sensors used in firefighters’ protective clothing', Journal of Fire Sciences, 40, pp. 214 - 245,

Mehryan SAM; Ayoubloo KA; Mahdavi M; Younis O; Kazemi Z; Ghodrat M; Ghalambaz M, 2022, 'Optimum configuration of a metal foam layer for a fast thermal charging energy storage unit: A numerical study', Journal of Energy Storage, 48,

Izadpanah F; Sadeghi MS; Ghodrat M; Behnia M, 2022, 'Natural Thermo-Bio Convection of gyrotactic micro-organisms in a square cavity with two heaters inside: application to ocean ecosystems', International Journal of Environmental Studies,

Mahjoob Karambasti B; Ghodrat M; Ghorbani G; Lalbakhsh A; Behnia M, 2022, 'Design methodology and multi-objective optimization of small-scale power-water production based on integration of Stirling engine and multi-effect evaporation desalination system', Desalination, 526,

Edalati-Nejad A; Ghodrat M; Fanaee SA; Simeoni A, 2022, 'Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Fire Intensity on Wind Driven Surface Fire and Its Impact on an Idealized Building', Fire, 5,

Sabouri Shirazi AH; Ghodrat M; Behnia M, 2022, 'Energy and exergy analysis of spiral turns in optimum design spiral plate heat exchangers', Heat Transfer, 51, pp. 701 - 732,

Shakeriaski F; Ghodrat M; Nelson DJ, 2022, 'Experimental and numerical studies on efficiency characterization of firefighters' protective clothing: a review', Journal of the Textile Institute, 113, pp. 2549 - 2568,

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Mahjoob Karambasti B; Ghodrat M; Naghashzadegan M; Ghorbani G, 2022, 'Multi-objective optimisation of available solar energy inside a greenhouse in northern Iran', International Journal of Ambient Energy, 43, pp. 7288 - 7299,

Shakeriaski F; Ghodrat M, 2022, 'Nonlinear response for a general form of thermoelasticity equation in mediums under the effect of temperature-dependent properties and short-pulse heating', Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 147, pp. 843 - 854,

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Hashem Zadeh SM; Ghodrat M; Ayoubi Ayoubloo K; Sedaghatizadeh N; Taylor RA, 2022, 'Partial charging/discharging of bio-based latent heat energy storage enhanced with metal foam sheets', International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 130,

Ghalambaz M; Mehryan SAM; Ayoubi Ayoubloo K; Hajjar A; Islam MS; Younis O; Ghodrat M, 2022, 'Unsteady melting and solidification of a nano-encapsulated phase change materials hybrid nanofluid in an eccentric porous annulus', Waves in Random and Complex Media,

Rezapour M; Fanaee SA; Ghodrat M, 2022, 'Developed Brinkman Model into a Porous Collector for Solar Energy Applications with a Single-Phase Flow', Energies, 15, pp. 9499 - 9499,

Pourhoseini SH; Ghodrat M, 2021, 'A Comparative Analysis of Flame Temperature, Radiation Behaviors, and NOx Emission of an Oil Burner Fueled With Nano Biodiesel Blend Fuel Containing Suspended Energetic and Nonenergetic Metal Nanoparticles', Journal of Energy Resources Technology, Transactions of the ASME, 143,

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