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Sharafi P; Nemati S; Samali B; Ghodrat M, 2018, Development of an Innovative Modular Foam-Filled Panelised System for Rapidly Assembled Post Disaster Housing<strong> </strong>, ,

Ajorloo M; Ghodrat M; Scott J; Strezov V, Modelling and Statistical Analysis of Plastic Biomass Mixture Co-Gasification, ,

Foruzan Nia M; Farzad H; Ansari AB; Ghodrat M; Gandjalikhan Nassab SA, Optimization of a Tube Heat Exchanger Arrangements Using Simulated Annealing, Finite-Volume, and Blocked-Off Methods, ,

Pourhoseini SH; Ghodrat M; Javadpour SM; Baghban M, The Optimum Temperature of B20 Pobd-Diesel Blend Fuel for Higher Efficiency  Lower Emissions of Di Diesel Engine in Lean-Ultra-Lean Combustion, ,

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