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Islam MS; Pickering KL, 2011, Properties and Ageing of Biocomposites: Effect of Natural Fibre Treatments & Processing and Variation in Composites Manufacturing Processes & Conditions, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Book Chapters

Salahuddin B; Aziz S; Hossain MM; Ahmed A; Rahim MA; Islam M; Faisal SN, 2022, 'Graphene Reinforced Polymer composites', in Bandyopadhyay S; Gujjala R (ed.), Toughened Composites Micro and Macro Systems, CRC Press,

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Journal articles

Wang J; Chang W; Islam MS; Huang F; Wu S; Rose LRF; Zhang J; Wang CH, 2024, 'Toughening epoxy by nano-structured block copolymer to mitigate matrix microcracking of carbon fibre composites at cryogenic temperatures', Composites Science and Technology, 251,

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Hasan SMM; Sturm-Ramirez K; Kamal AHM; Islam MA; Rahman M; Kile JC; Kennedy ED; Gurley ES; Islam MS, 2023, 'Quail Rearing Practices and Potential for Avian Influenza Virus Transmission, Bangladesh', EcoHealth, 20, pp. 167 - 177,

Sha Z; Cheng X; Islam MS; Sangkarat P; Chang W; Brown SA; Wu S; Zhang J; Han Z; Peng S; Wang CH, 2023, 'Synergistically enhancing the electrical conductivity of carbon fibre reinforced polymers by vertical graphene and silver nanowires', Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 168,

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Wahed SB; Dunstan CR; Boughton PA; Ruys AJ; Faisal SN; Wahed TB; Salahuddin B; Cheng X; Zhou Y; Wang CH; Islam MS; Aziz S, 2022, 'Functional Ultra‐High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Composites for Ligament Reconstructions and Their Targeted Applications in the Restoration of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament', Polymers, 14,

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