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Salahuddin B; Aziz S; Hossain MM; Ahmed A; Rahim MA; Islam M; Faisal SN, 2022, 'Graphene Reinforced Polymer composites', in Bandyopadhyay S; Gujjala R (ed.), Toughened Composites Micro and Macro Systems, CRC Press,

Salahuddin B; Sha Z; Aziz S; Faisal SN; Islam M, 2022, 'Durability Against Fatigue and Moisture of Natural Fibre Composite', in Khan A; Manikandan A; Ramesh M; Khan I; Asiri AMA (ed.), Sustainable Natural Fibre Composites, Materials Research Forum, pp. 128 - 153,

Faisal S; Shabnam L; Aziz S; Dalal MH; Islam MM; Hassan M; Islam M, 2021, '3D Graphene-based Materials for Enhancing the Energy Density of Sodium Ion Batteries', in Graphene-based 3D Macrostructures for Clean Energy and Environmental Applications, Royal Society of Chemistry,

Islam MS, 2020, 'Polyvinylalcohol and Polyvinyl acetate', in Mamun AA; Chen JY (ed.), Industrial Applications of Biopolymers and their Environmental Impact, edn. 1, CRC Press T&F

Islam MS; Roy AK, 2016, 'Surface preparation of fibres for composite applications', in Fibrous and textile materials for composite applications, Springer, Singapore, pp. 301 - 315,

Islam MS, 2011, 'Synthesis of Polylactic Acid for Biomedical, Food Packaging and Structural Applications: A Review', in Polylactic Acid: Synthesis, Properties and Applications, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York, pp. 219 - 233,

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