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Book Chapters

Bai H; Morgan P; Scott C; Cohen A, 2018, 'Holistic-contemplative pedagogy for twenty-first century teacher education: Education as healing', in International Handbook of Holistic Education, pp. 108 - 117,

Morgan P, 2017, 'Per-(Me-Thou)-ability: Foundations of intersubjective experience in contemplative education', in Gunnlaugson O; Sarath E; Bai H; Scott C (ed.), The intersubjective turn in contemplative education: Shared approaches to contemplative learning & inquiry across disciplines, SUNY Press, Albany, N.Y., USA, pp. 141 - 158

Bai H; Morgan P; Scott C; Cohen A, 2016, 'Prolegomena to spiritual research paradigm: Importance of attending to the embodied and the subtle', in Developing a spiritual research paradigm: Incorporating spirituality in research in the social sciences and education, Information Age Publishing, Charlotte, N.C., USA, pp. 77 - 96

Vines P; Morgan P, 2016, 'Contemplative Practice in the Law School: breaking barriers to learning and resilience', in Promoting law student and lawyer well-being in Australia and beyond, Routledge

Journal articles

Vaughan P; Tewson A; Morgan P; Boydell KM, 2023, '“Chains Weigh Heavy”: Body Mapping Embodied Experiences of Anxiety', Qualitative Report, 28, pp. 583 - 606,

Morgan P, 2023, 'Reflections on the heuristic power of Contemplative Art in teaching and research', Journal of Contemplative and Holistic Education,

Morgan P; Abrahamson D, 2018, 'Applying contemplative practices to the educational design of mathematics content: Report from a pioneering workshop', The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry, 5, pp. 107 - 119,

Morgan P; Abrahamson D, 2016, 'Cultivating the ineffable: the role of contemplative practice in enactivist learning', For the Learning of Mathematics, 36, pp. 31 - 37

Morgan PF, 2015, 'A Brief History of the Current Reemergence of Contemplative Education', Journal of Transformative Education, 13, pp. 197 - 218,

Morgan PF, 2012, 'Following Contemplative Education Students' Transformation Through Their ''Ground-of-Being'' Experiences', Journal of Transformative Education, 10, pp. 42 - 60,


Morgan P, 2023, End of project report for the Te Tari Kaumātua, Office for Seniors, October 2023, The Arts-based delivery of an innovative model of aged care: Systematizing and disseminating the Virtual Eastern Bay Villages: Te Kokoru Manaakitanga (VEBV: TKM) model of aging in place research project, Te Tari Kaumātua, Office for Seniors, New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand

Henrickson M; Morgan P, 2023, “I need to come with heart”: A pilot project on access to intimacy for persons in residential care, Project report for the Massey University Research Fund (MURF), Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand

Working Papers

Morgan P, 2012, The feeling nexus: An internal mechanism of change in educational philosophy, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand,

Morgan P, 2000, The potential of creative arts as a medium for mental health promotion in schools, an exploration of meaning-making, belonging and identity, using creative processes: A briefing paper, Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand,

Creative Works (non-textual)

Morgan P, 2023, The Aging Well Together website, The Aging Well Together Virtual Exhibition, Online, 15 November 2023 - 01 December 2027, medium: Website, at:

Morgan P; Carter A; Costello J, 2021, The Positively Women virtual exhibition, Positively Women, online, 10 March 2021 - 02 December 2027, medium: Website, at:

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