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Bai H; Morgan P; Scott C; Cohen A, 2018, 'Holistic-contemplative pedagogy for twenty-first century teacher education: Education as healing', in International Handbook of Holistic Education, pp. 108 - 117,

Morgan P, 2017, 'Per-(Me-Thou)-ability: Foundations of intersubjective experience in contemplative education', in Gunnlaugson O; Sarath E; Bai H; Scott C (ed.), The intersubjective turn in contemplative education: Shared approaches to contemplative learning & inquiry across disciplines, SUNY Press, Albany, N.Y., USA, pp. 141 - 158

Bai H; Morgan P; Scott C; Cohen A, 2016, 'Prolegomena to spiritual research paradigm: Importance of attending to the embodied and the subtle', in Developing a spiritual research paradigm: Incorporating spirituality in research in the social sciences and education, Information Age Publishing, Charlotte, N.C., USA, pp. 77 - 96

Vines P; Morgan P, 2016, 'Contemplative Practice in the Law School: breaking barriers to learning and resilience', in Promoting law student and lawyer well-being in Australia and beyond, Routledge

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