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Journal articles

Vaughan P; Tewson A; Morgan P; Boydell KM, 2023, '“Chains Weigh Heavy”: Body Mapping Embodied Experiences of Anxiety', Qualitative Report, 28, pp. 583 - 606,

Morgan P, 2023, 'Reflections on the heuristic power of Contemplative Art in teaching and research', Journal of Contemplative and Holistic Education,

Morgan P; Abrahamson D, 2018, 'Applying contemplative practices to the educational design of mathematics content: Report from a pioneering workshop', The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry, 5, pp. 107 - 119,

Morgan P; Abrahamson D, 2016, 'Cultivating the ineffable: the role of contemplative practice in enactivist learning', For the Learning of Mathematics, 36, pp. 31 - 37

Morgan PF, 2015, 'A Brief History of the Current Reemergence of Contemplative Education', Journal of Transformative Education, 13, pp. 197 - 218,

Morgan PF, 2012, 'Following Contemplative Education Students' Transformation Through Their ''Ground-of-Being'' Experiences', Journal of Transformative Education, 10, pp. 42 - 60,

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