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Book Chapters

Amazan R, 2021, 'International Academics in African Universities: The Ethiopian Scene', in International Faculty in Asia In Comparative Global Perspective, Springer Nature

Amazan R; Kebede Dawo K, 2020, 'Fixing the System? - Trends in African Higher Education Governance', in Convergence and Diversity in the Governance of Higher Education Comparative Perspectives, Cambridge University Press

Amazan R, 2019, 'The invisible presence - the politics of female enrolment numbers in public universities in Ethiopia', in Cochrane L (ed.), Ethiopia Social and Political Issues

Amazan R, 2019, 'The precarious position of female Ethiopian academics', in Higher Education in Africa and the United States: The Black Experience, New Forums Press, Stillwater, OK USA, pp. 147 - 168

Amazan R, 2014, 'When the Diaspora Returns: analysis of Ethiopian returnees and the need for highly skilled labour in Ethiopia', in , Symposium Books, pp. 169 - 185,

Amazan RC, 2011, 'Gender, diaspora and development: The Ethiopian highly-skilled diaspora's notion of home and belonging', in Education and Belonging, pp. 139 - 152

Journal articles

Nye A; Amazan R; Charteris J, 2017, 'Prudentia as becoming-shame: knowledge production in Southern Theory research Practice', Reflective Practice, vol. 18, pp. 81 - 93,

Takayama K; Amazan R; Jones T, 2017, 'Thinking with/through the contradictions of social justice in teacher education: Self-reflection on NETDS experience', Australian Journal of Teacher Education, vol. 42, pp. 84 - 96,

Abimbola S; Amazan R; Vizintin P; Howie L; Cumming R; Negin J, 2016, 'Australian higher education scholarships as tools for international development and diplomacy in Africa', Australian Journal of International Affairs, vol. 70, pp. 105 - 120,

Amazan RC; Negin J; Howie L; Wood J, 2016, 'From extraction to knowledge reproduction: The impact of Australia's development awards on Uganda and Mozambique', International Education Journal, vol. 15, pp. 45 - 65

Takayama K; Heimans S; Amazan R; Maniam V, 2016, 'Doing Southern Theory: Towards Alternative Knowledges and Knowledge Practices in/for Education', Postcolonial Directions in Education, vol. 5, pp. 1 - 25,

Takayama K; Heimans S; Amazan R; Maniam V, 2016, 'Postcolonial Directions in Education: Special Issue', Postcolonial Directions in Education, vol. 5, pp. 1 - 168,

Ginns P; Loughland A; Tierney RJ; Fryer L; Amazan R; McCormick A, 2015, 'Evaluation of the Learning to Teach for Social Justice–Beliefs Scale in an Australian context', Higher Education Research & Development, vol. 34, pp. 311 - 323,


Amazan R, 2009, 'Gendering the Ethiopian Knowledge Diasporas: Addressing Gender Inequality and Inequity in Public Higher Education', Comparative and International Higher Education, vol. 1, pp. 7 - 9,

Amazan RC, 2008, 'Mobilising the ethiopian knowledge diasporas: Framing the issues', International Education Journal, vol. 9, pp. 43 - 56


Amazan R, 2021, Adult literacy and its importance to the Aboriginal community of Campbelltown, NSW, file:///C:/Users/z3528175/Dropbox/My%20PC%20(W-AUD8400CJ3)/Downloads/Sub%2084%20-%20Tharawal%20Aboriginal%20Corporation%20-%2019%20Mar%202021_Redacted%20(1).pdf

Amazan R; Williamson F, 2019, Aboriginal Adult Literacy campaign. Yes, I Can! In Campbelltown, NSW

Amazan R, 2018, Wiyi Yani U Thangani (Women’s Voices) Securing Our Rights, Securing Our Future. Submission from women in Boggabilla and Toomelah, NSW to the Australian Human Rights Commission.,

Amazan R; Welch A; Soudien C; Gripper D; Sehoole C, 2016, Mapping Australia-Africa Partnerships in Higher Education Report

Amazan R; Negin J; Cumming R; Howie L; Abimbola S, 2014, Australia Awards for Africa: Outcomes of Tertiary Scholarships for African Students Report


Amazan R, 2016, Structural barriers limit impact of scholarships,

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