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Mathur A; Moka S; Botev Z, 2021, 'Variance Reduction for Matrix Computations with Applications to Gaussian Processes', in Zhao Q; Xia L (ed.), Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools, Springer International Publishing, pp. 243 - 261,

Journal articles

Moka SB; Nazarathy Y; Scheinhardt W, 2023, 'Diffusion parameters of flows in stable multi-class queueing networks', Queueing Systems, 103, pp. 313 - 346,

Mathur A; Moka S; Botev Z, 2022, 'Coordinate Descent for Variance-Component Models', Algorithms, 15, pp. 354 - 354,

Hirsch C; Moka SB; Taimre T; Kroese DP, 2022, 'Rare Events in Random Geometric Graphs', Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, 24, pp. 1367 - 1383,

Moka S; Juneja S; Mandjes M, 2021, 'Rejection-and importance-sampling-based perfect simulation for Gibbs hard-sphere models', Advances in Applied Probability, 53, pp. 839 - 885,

Dandekar R; Henderson SG; Jansen HM; McDonald J; Moka S; Nazarathy Y; Rackauckas C; Taylor PG; Vuorinen A, 2021, 'Safe Blues: The case for virtual safe virus spread in the long-term fight against epidemics', Patterns, 2,

Shukla A; Nguyen THM; Moka SB; Ellis JJ; Grady JP; Oey H; Cristino AS; Khanna KK; Kroese DP; Krause L; Dray E; Fink JL; Duijf PHG, 2020, 'Chromosome arm aneuploidies shape tumour evolution and drug response', Nature Communications, 11,

Moka SB; Kroese DP, 2020, 'Perfect sampling for Gibbs point processes using partial rejection sampling', Bernoulli, 26, pp. 2082 - 2104,

Moka SB; Juneja S; Mandjes MRH, 2018, 'Analysis of perfect sampling methods for hard-sphere models', Performance Evaluation Review, 45, pp. 69 - 75,

Foss S; Juneja S; Mandjes MRH; Moka SB, 2015, 'Spatial loss systems: Exact simulation and rare event behavior', Performance Evaluation Review, 43, pp. 3 - 6,

Moka SB; Juneja S, 2015, 'Regenerative simulation for queueing networks with exponential or heavier tail arrival distributions', ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation, 25,

Conference Papers

Moka SB; Kroese DP; Juneja S, 2019, 'Unbiased Estimation of the Reciprocal Mean for Non-Negative Random Variables', in Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference, pp. 404 - 415,

Fu J; Nazarathy Y; Moka S; Taylor PG, 2019, 'Towards Q-learning the whittle index for restless bandits', in 2019 Australian and New Zealand Control Conference, ANZCC 2019, pp. 249 - 254,

Moka SB; Juneja S, 2013, 'Regenerative simulation for multiclass open queueing networks', in Proceedings of the 2013 Winter Simulation Conference - Simulation: Making Decisions in a Complex World, WSC 2013, pp. 643 - 654,


Moka S; Liquet B; Zhu H; Muller S, 2022, COMBSS: Best Subset Selection via Continuous Optimization, ,

Hirsch C; Moka SB; Taimre T; Kroese DP, 2020, Rare Events in Random Geometric Graphs, ,

Moka S; Kroese DP; Juneja S, 2019, Unbiased Estimation of the Reciprocal Mean for Non-negative Random Variables, ,

Moka SB; Kroese DP, 2019, Perfect Sampling for Gibbs Point Processes Using Partial Rejection Sampling, ,

Moka SB; Juneja S; Mandjes MRH, 2017, Rejection and Importance Sampling based Perfect Simulation for Gibbs hard-sphere models, ,

Moka SB; Juneja S, 2013, Regenerative Simulation for Queueing Networks with Exponential or Heavier Tail Arrival Distributions, ,

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