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Moka SB; Kroese DP; Juneja S, 2019, 'Unbiased Estimation of the Reciprocal Mean for Non-Negative Random Variables', in Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference, pp. 404 - 415,

Fu J; Nazarathy Y; Moka S; Taylor PG, 2019, 'Towards Q-learning the whittle index for restless bandits', in 2019 Australian and New Zealand Control Conference, ANZCC 2019, pp. 249 - 254,

Moka SB; Juneja S, 2013, 'Regenerative simulation for multiclass open queueing networks', in Proceedings of the 2013 Winter Simulation Conference - Simulation: Making Decisions in a Complex World, WSC 2013, pp. 643 - 654,

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