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Mathur A; Moka S; Botev Z, 2023, Generalized Linear Models via the Lasso: To Scale or Not to Scale?, ,

Mathur A; Moka S; Botev Z, 2023, Column Subset Selection and Nyström Approximation via Continuous Optimization, ,

Moka S; Liquet B; Zhu H; Muller S, 2022, COMBSS: Best Subset Selection via Continuous Optimization, ,

Mathur A; Moka S; Botev Z, 2021, Variance Reduction for Matrix Computations with Applications to Gaussian Processes, ,

Hirsch C; Moka SB; Taimre T; Kroese DP, 2020, Rare Events in Random Geometric Graphs, ,

Moka S; Kroese DP; Juneja S, 2019, Unbiased Estimation of the Reciprocal Mean for Non-negative Random Variables, ,

Moka SB; Kroese DP, 2019, Perfect Sampling for Gibbs Point Processes Using Partial Rejection Sampling, ,

Moka SB; Juneja S; Mandjes MRH, 2017, Rejection and Importance Sampling based Perfect Simulation for Gibbs hard-sphere models, ,

Moka SB; Juneja S, 2013, Regenerative Simulation for Queueing Networks with Exponential or Heavier Tail Arrival Distributions, ,

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