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Nath SK; Sun X; Nandi SK; Chen X; Wang Z; Das SK; Lei W; Faraone L; Rickard WDA; Elliman RG, 2023, 'Harnessing Metal/Oxide Interlayer to Engineer the Memristive Response and Oscillation Dynamics of Two-Terminal Memristors', Advanced Functional Materials, 33,

Nandi SK; Nath SK; Das SK; Murdoch BJ; Ratcliff T; McCulloch DG; Elliman RG, 2023, 'Effect of Interdiffusion and Crystallization on Threshold Switching Characteristics of Nb/Nb2O5/Pt Memristors', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 15, pp. 58613 - 58622,

Wang X; Zhang X; Dong C; Nath SK; Iu HHC, 2023, 'Design and Application of Memristive Balanced Ternary Univariate Logic Circuit', Micromachines, 14,

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