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Murtha LA; Hardy SA; Mabotuwana NS; Bigland MJ; Bailey T; Raguram K; Liu S; Ngo DT; Sverdlov AL; Tomin T; Birner-Gruenberger R; Hume RD; Iismaa SE; Humphreys DT; Patrick R; Chong JJH; Lee RJ; Harvey RP; Graham RM; Rainer PP; Boyle AJ, 2023, Fibulin-3 is necessary to prevent cardiac rupture following myocardial infarction, ,

Adlam D; Berrandou T-E; Georges A; Nelson CP; Giannoulatou E; Henry J; Ma L; Blencowe M; Turley TN; Yang M-L; Braund PS; Sadeg-Sayoud I; Iismaa SE; Kosel ML; Zhou X; Hamby SE; Cheng J; Liu L; Tarr I; Muller DWM; d’Escamard V; King A; Brunham LR; Baranowska-Clarke AA; Debette S; Amouyel P; Olin JW; Patil S; Hesselson SE; Junday K; Kanoni S; Aragam K; Butterworth AS; Tweet MS; Gulati R; Combaret N; Kadian-Dodov D; Kalman J; Fatkin D; Saw J; Webb TR; Hayes SN; Yang X; Ganesh SK; Olson TM; Kovacic JC; Graham RM; Samani NJ; Bouatia-Naji N, 2022, Genome-wide association meta-analysis of spontaneous coronary artery dissection reveals common variants and genes related to artery integrity and tissue-mediated coagulation, ,

Wu J; Nicks AM; Skowno JJ; Feneley MP; Iismaa SE; Graham RM, 2021, Anesthesia and Intubation of 10-Day Old C57BL/6J Mouse Pups for Cardiothoracic Surgery, ,

Yu Z-Y; Gong H; Kesteven S; Guo Y; Wu J; Li J; Iismaa S; Kaidonis X; Graham R; Cox C; Feneley M; Martinac B, 2021, Piezo1 is the cardiac mechanosensor that initiates the hypertrophic response to pressure overload, ,

Nicks A; Holman S; Chan A; Tsang M; Young P; Humphreys D; Naqvi N; Husain A; Li M; Smith N; Iismaa S; Graham R, 2021, Standardised method for cardiomyocyte isolation and purification from individual murine neonatal, infant, and adult hearts, ,

Bogush N; Tan L; Naib H; Faizullabhoy E; Calvert JW; Iismaa SE; Gupta A; Ramchandran R; Martin DIK; Graham RM; Husain A; Naqvi N, 2020, DUSP5 expression in left ventricular cardiomyocytes of young hearts regulates thyroid hormone (T3)-induced proliferative ERK1/2 signaling, ,

Guo Y; Yu Z-Y; Wu J; Gong H; Kesteven S; Iismaa S; Chan A; Holman S; Pinto S; Pironet A; Cox C; Graham R; Vennekens R; Feneley M; Martinac B, 2020, The Ca2+-activated cation channel TRPM4 is a positive regulator of pressure overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy, ,

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