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Dimitriadis A; Pan S; Sethu V; Ahmed B, 2023, Spatial HuBERT: Self-supervised Spatial Speech Representation Learning for a Single Talker from Multi-channel Audio, ,

Nan Z; Dang T; Sethu V; Ahmed B, 2023, Variational Connectionist Temporal Classification for Order-Preserving Sequence Modeling, ,

Dang T; Sethu V; Ambikairajah E; Epps J; Li H, 2021, Joint Spatio-Temporal Discretisation of Nonlinear Active Cochlear Models, ,

Wu J; Dang T; Sethu V; Ambikairajah E, 2021, A Novel Markovian Framework for Integrating Absolute and Relative Ordinal Emotion Information, ,

Sethu V; Provost EM; Epps J; Busso C; Cummins N; Narayanan S, 2019, The Ambiguous World of Emotion Representation, ,

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