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Vázquez-Campos X; Kinsela AS; Bligh MW; Wilkins MR; Payne TE; Waite TD, 2019, 'Unusual DPANN Archaea from a radioactive legacy site'

Chilton AM; Vázquez-Campos X; Steller L; Djokic T; Van Kranendonk MJ, 2018, 'Microbial profiling of the Himalayan Puga geothermal system: towards an astrobiological model'

Vazquez Campos X; Kinsela ANDREW; Payne TIMOTHYE; Waite DAVID, 2017, 'Metagenomic and geochemical changes following rainfall at a legacy radionuclide waste disposal site', presented at Australian Microbial Ecology Conference - AusME 2017, Melbourne, Australia, 13 February 2017 - 15 February 2017

Vázquez-Campos X, 2012, 'The isolation of fungi from low-pH, high ionic strength uranium mine process water'

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