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Crichton M; Marshall S; Marx W; Isenring E; Vázquez-Campos X; Dawson SL; Lohning A, 2023, 'Effect of ginger root powder on gastrointestinal bacteria composition, gastrointestinal symptoms, mental health, fatigue, and quality of life: A double-blind placebo-controlled trial.', J Nutr,

Bartolec TK; Vázquez-Campos X; Norman A; Luong C; Johnson M; Payne RJ; Wilkins MR; Mackay JP; Low JKK, 2023, 'Cross-linking mass spectrometry discovers, evaluates, and corroborates structures and protein–protein interactions in the human cell', Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 120, pp. e2219418120,

Kronen M; Vázquez-Campos X; Wilkins MR; Lee M; Manefield MJ, 2023, 'Evidence for a Putative Isoprene Reductase in Acetobacterium wieringae', mSystems, 8,

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Holland SI; Vázquez-Campos X; Ertan H; Edwards RJ; Manefield MJ; Lee M, 2022, 'Metaproteomics reveals methyltransferases implicated in dichloromethane and glycine betaine fermentation by ‘Candidatus Formimonas warabiya’ strain DCMF', Frontiers in Microbiology, 13, pp. 1035247,

Tavakoli P; Vollmer-Conna U; Hadzi-Pavlovic D; Vázquez-Campos X; Grimm MC, 2022, 'The Interplay Between Use of Biological Therapies, Psychological State, and the Microbiome in IBD', Frontiers in Medicine, 9,

Vazquez Campos X; Damnjanovic D; Bridge W; Elliot L; Willcox M, 2022, 'Characterisation of Bacteriophage vB_SmaM_Ps15 Infective to Stenotrophomonas maltophilia Clinical Ocular Isolates', Viruses, 14, pp. 709 - 709,

Vazquez Campos X; Kinsela A; Bligh M; Payne TE; Wilkins M; Waite D, 2021, 'Genomic Insights Into the Archaea Inhabiting an Australian Radioactive Legacy Site', Frontiers in Microbiology, 12, pp. 732575 - 732575,

Kinsela AS; Bligh MW; Vázquez-Campos X; Sun Y; Wilkins MR; Comarmond MJ; Rowling B; Payne TE; Waite TD, 2021, 'Biogeochemical Mobility of Contaminants from a Replica Radioactive Waste Trench in Response to Rainfall-Induced Redox Oscillations', Environmental Science and Technology, 55, pp. 8793 - 8805,

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Selbmann L; Benkő Z; Coleine C; de Hoog S; Donati C; Druzhinina I; Emri T; Ettinger CL; Gladfelter AS; Gorbushina AA; Grigoriev IV; Grube M; Gunde-Cimerman N; Karányi ZÁ; Kocsis B; Kubressoian T; Miklós I; Miskei M; Muggia L; Northen T; Novak-Babič M; Pennacchio C; Pfliegler WP; Pòcsi I; Prigione V; Riquelme M; Segata N; Schumacher J; Shelest E; Sterflinger K; Tesei D; U’ren JM; Varese GC; Vázquez-Campos X; Vicente VA; Souza EM; Zalar P; Walker AK; Stajich JE, 2020, 'Shed light in the dark lineages of the fungal tree of life—stres', Life, 10, pp. 1 - 13,

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Vázquez-Campos X; Kinsela A; Bligh M; Payne T; Wilkins M; Waite D, 2019, 'Genomic insights into the Archaea inhabiting an Australian radioactive legacy site', ,

Wong HL; White RA; Visscher PT; Charlesworth JC; Vázquez-Campos X; Burns BP, 2018, 'Disentangling the drivers of functional complexity at the metagenomic level in Shark Bay microbial mat microbiomes', ISME Journal, 12, pp. 2619 - 2639,

Vázquez-Campos X; Kinsela AS; Bligh MW; Harrison JJ; Payne TE; Waite TD, 2017, 'Response of microbial community function to fluctuating geochemical conditions within a legacy radioactive waste trench environment', Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 83,

Vázquez-Campos X; Kinsela AS; Collins RN; Neilan BA; Waite TD, 2017, 'Uranium extraction from a low-grade, stockpiled, non-sulfidic ore: Impact of added iron and the native microbial consortia', Hydrometallurgy, 167, pp. 81 - 91,

Vázquez-Campos X; Kinsela A; Bligh M; Harrison J; Payne T; Waite D, 2017, 'Response of microbial community function to fluctuating geochemical conditions within a legacy radioactive waste trench environment', Response of microbial community function to fluctuating geochemical conditions within a legacy radioactive waste trench environment,

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Vázquez-Campos X; Kinsela AS; Waite TD; Collins RN; Neilan BA, 2014, 'Fodinomyces uranophilus gen. nov. sp. nov. and Coniochaeta fodinicola sp. nov., two uranium mine-inhabiting Ascomycota fungi from northern Australia', Mycologia, 106, pp. 1073 - 1089,

Rosales E; Pérez-Paz A; Vázquez X; Pazos M; Sanromán M, 2012, 'Isolation of novel benzo[a]anthracene-degrading microorganisms and continuous bioremediation in an expanded-bed bioreactor', Bioproc Biosystems Eng, 35, pp. 851 - 855,

Vazquez Campos X, 2007, 'Lixiviación Microbiana', REBIGO, pp. 47 - 54

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