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Kyaw W; Chai RC; Khoo WH; Goldstein LD; Croucher PI; Murray JM; Phan TG, 2023, ENTRAIN: integrating trajectory inference and gene regulatory networks with spatial data to co-localize the receptor-ligand interactions that specify cell fate, ,

Hall M; Simms K; Murray J; Keane A; Nguyen TND; Caruana M; Liu G; Kelly H; Eckert L; Santesso N; DeSanjose S; Swai E; Rangaraj A; Owiredu MN; Gauvreau C; Demke O; Basu P; Arbyn M; Dalal S; Broutet N; Canfell K, 2022, Evaluation of the benefits and harms of alternative strategies for cervical screening and treatment in women living with HIV: modelling to support WHO 2021 cervical screening and treatment guidelines to prevent cervical cancer, ,

Wade S; Weber MF; Sarich P; Vaneckova P; Behar-Harpaz S; Ngo PJ; Cressman S; Gartner CE; Murray JM; Blakely TA; Banks E; Tammemagi MC; Canfell K; Caruana M, 2022, Bayesian calibration of simulation models: A tutorial and an Australian smoking behaviour model, ,

Stancevic O; Angstmann C; Murray JM; Henry BI, 2012, Turing patterns from dynamics of early HIV infection over a two-dimensional surface, ,

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