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McDougall TJ; Barker P; Feistel R; Roquet F, 2023, A Thermodynamic Potential of Seawater in terms of Conservative Temperature, ,

Li Y; Church JA; McDougall TJ; Barker PM, 2022, Sensitivity of Observationally Based Estimates of Ocean Heat Content and Thermal Expansion to Vertical Interpolation Schemes, ,

von Schuckmann K; Minère A; Gues F; Cuesta-Valero FJ; Kirchengast G; Adusumilli S; Straneo F; Allan R; Barker PM; Beltrami H; Boyer T; Cheng L; Church J; Desbruyeres D; Dolman H; Domingues CM; García-García A; Giglio D; Gilson JE; Gorfer M; Haimberger L; Hendricks S; Hosoda S; Johnson GC; Killick R; King B; Kolodziejczyk N; Korosov A; Krinner G; Kuusela M; Langer M; Lavergne T; Lawrence I; Li Y; Lyman J; Marzeion B; Mayer M; MacDougall AH; McDougall T; Monselesan DP; Nitzbon J; Otosaka I; Peng J; Purkey S; Roemmich D; Sato K; Sato K; Savita A; Schweiger A; Shepherd A; Seneviratne SI; Simons L; Slater DA; Slater T; Smith N; Steiner A; Suga T; Szekely T; Thiery W; Timmermans M-L; Vanderkelen I; Wjiffels SE; Wu T; Zemp M, 2022, Heat stored in the Earth system 1960–2020: Where does the energy go?, ,

Holmes RM; Groeskamp S; Stewart KD; McDougall TJ, 2021, Sensitivity of a Coarse-Resolution Global Ocean Model to Spatially Variable Neutral Diffusion, ,

Wright DG; Pawlowicz R; McDougall TJ; Feistel R; Marion GM, 2010, Absolute Salinity, "Density Salinity" and the Reference-Composition Salinity Scale: present and future use in the seawater standard TEOS-10, ,

McDougall TJ; Jackett DR; Millero FJ, 2009, An algorithm for estimating Absolute Salinity in the global ocean, ,

Klocker A; McDougall TJ; Jackett DR, 2008, A new method for forming approximately neutral surfaces, ,

Feistel R; Wright DG; Miyagawa K; Hruby J; Jackett DR; McDougall TJ; Wagner W, 2008, Development of thermodynamic potentials for fluid water, ice and seawater: a new standard for oceanography, ,

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