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Lewis ET; Mahimbo A; Linhart C; Williamson M; Morgan M; Hammill K; Hall J; Cardona M, 2020, 'General practitioners' perceptions on the feasibility and acceptability of implementing a risk prediction checklist to support their end-of-life discussions in routine care: a qualitative study.', Fam Pract,

Trankle SA; Shanmugam S; Lewis E; Nicholson M; Hillman K; Cardona M, 2020, 'Are We Making Progress on Communication with People Who Are Near the End of Life in the Australian Health System? A Thematic Analysis', Health Communication, vol. 35, pp. 158 - 167,

Lewis ET; Harrison R; Nicholson M; Hillman K; Trankle S; Rangel S; Stokes C; Cardona M, 2020, 'Clinicians’ and public acceptability of universal risk-of-death screening for older people in routine clinical practice in Australia: cross-sectional surveys', Aging Clinical and Experimental Research,

Raftery C; Lewis E; Lewis E; Cardona M, 2020, 'The Crucial Role of Nurses and Social Workers in Initiating End-of-Life Communication to Reduce Overtreatment in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic', Gerontology, pp. 1 - 4,

Cardona M; Shanmugam S; Lewis ET; Psirides A; Anstey M; Hillman K, 2019, 'A rapid review of patient and family perspectives on inappropriateness of intensive care treatments at the end of life', MedRXiv,

Cardona M; Lewis E; Shanmugam S; Nicholson M; Williamson M; Hanly L; Hillman K, 2019, 'Dissonance on perceptions of end-of-life needs between health-care providers and members of the public: Quantitative cross-sectional surveys', Australasian Journal on Ageing, vol. 38, pp. e75 - e84,

Lewis E; Harrison R; Hanly L; Psirides A; Zammit A; McFarland K; Dawson A; Hillman K; Barr M; Cardona M, 2019, 'End-of-life priorities of older adults with terminal illness and caregivers: a qualitative consultation', Health Expectations,

Lewis ET; Dent E; Alkhouri H; Kellett J; Williamson M; Asha S; Holdgate A; Mackenzie J; Winoto L; Fajardo-Pulido D; Ticehurst M; Hillman K; McCarthy S; Elcombe E; Rogers K; Cardona M, 2019, 'Which frailty scale for patients admitted via Emergency Department? A cohort study', Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, vol. 80, pp. 104 - 114,

Cardona M; O'Sullivan M; Lewis ET; Turner RM; Garden F; Alkhouri H; Asha S; Mackenzie J; Perkins M; Suri S, 2019, 'Prospective validation of a checklist to predict short‐term death in older patients after emergency department admission in Australia and Ireland', Academic Emergency Medicine, vol. 26, pp. 610 - 620,

Cardona M; Turner RM; Chapman A; Alkhouri H; Lewis ET; Jan S; Nicholson M; Parr M; Williamson M; Hillman K, 2018, 'Who Benefits from Aggressive Rapid Response System Treatments Near the End of Life? A Retrospective Cohort Study', Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, vol. 44, pp. 505 - 513,

Cardona M; Kellett J; Lewis E; Brabrand M; Ní Chróinín D, 2018, 'Truth disclosure on prognosis: Is it ethical not to communicate personalised risk of death?', International Journal of Clinical Practice, vol. 72,

Cardona M; Lewis ET; Turner RM; Alkhouri H; Asha S; Mackenzie J; Perkins M; Suri S; Holdgate A; Winoto L, 2018, 'Efficacy of a tool to predict short-term mortality in older people presenting at emergency departments: protocol for a multi-centre cohort study', Archives of gerontology and geriatrics, vol. 76, pp. 169 - 174,

Cardona M; Lewis ET; Kristensen MR; Skjøt-Arkil H; Ekmann AA; Nygaard HH; Jensen JJ; Jensen RO; Pedersen JL; Turner RM, 2018, 'Predictive validity of the CriSTAL tool for short-term mortality in older people presenting at emergency departments: a prospective study', European geriatric medicine, vol. 9, pp. 891 - 901,

Cardona-Morrell M; Lewis E; Suman S; Haywood C; Williams M; Brousseau AA; Greenaway S; Hillman K; Dent E, 2017, 'Recognising older frail patients near the end of life: What next?', European Journal of Internal Medicine, vol. 45, pp. 84 - 90,

Lewis E; Samperi S; Boyd-Skinner C, 2017, 'Telephone follow-up calls for older patients after hospital discharge', Age and Ageing, vol. 46, pp. 544 - 546,

Lewis E; Cardona-Morrell M; Ong KY; Trankle SA; Hillman K, 2016, 'Evidence still insufficient that advance care documentation leads to engagement of healthcare professionals in end-of-life discussions: A systematic review', Palliative Medicine, vol. 30, pp. 807 - 824,

Cardona-Morrell M; Chapman A; Turner RM; Lewis E; Gallego-Luxan B; Parr M; Hillman K, 2016, 'Pre-existing risk factors for in-hospital death among older patients could be used to initiate end-of-life discussions rather than rapid response system calls: a case-control study', Resuscitation, vol. 109, pp. 76 - 80,

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