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Taggart J; Harris M, 2018, CESPHN Shared Care Planning Study Report

Taggart J; Harris MF; Chin M, 2018, Cancer Shared eCare Plan Information Requirements and Care Plan Templates Jan 2018

Taggart J; Yu H, 2017, General Practice Clinic Report 2016

Faruqi N; Thomas L; Findlay T; Parker S; Harris-Roxas B; Taggart J; Spooner C; Wong V; Harris MF, 2017, Diabetes management in the community: an Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute for the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation, Sydney,

Taggart J; Yu H; Harris M, 2017, Cancer Shared e-Care Plan Report,

Dennis S; Taggart J; Yu H; Jalaludin B; Harris MF; Liaw , 2016, Using the electronic practice based research network to prevent re-admission for type 2 diabetes, HCF

Taggart J; Yu H, 2015, General Practice Clinic Report 2015

Taggart J; Yu H, 2014, General Practice Clinic Report 2014

Taggart J; Yu H, 2014, General Practice Clinic Report 2014

Taggart J; Yu H, 2013, General Practice Clinic Report 2013

Taggart J; Yu H, 2012, General Practice Clinic Report 2012

Harris MF; Taggart J; Williams AM; Dennis SM; Newall AT; Shortus TD; Denney-Wilson E; Zwar NA, 2010, Effective determinants for supporting lifestyle health literacy and self management skills in primary health care, APHCRI, Canberra, Stream 13 Report,

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